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Top Car Detailing Mistakes

This is one of the most common mistakes people do when detailing their cars. Manufacturers and mechanics alike advise against washing and detailing a car in direct sunlight. The reason is obvious. The heat from the sun dries the water plus the soap so quickly, leaving visible marks on the surface. If you have no any other option but to wash the car in the sun, then you need to make the surface of the car as cool as possible using a spray of water.

Waxing Too Much

Most people tend to wax three times when detailing their vehicles. While this is considered the most appropriate way to wax, it is actually an overkill. You only need to wax two times. Going beyond this will just lead to wastage. The first wax should provide the foundation, and the second one should take care of the areas that were missed in the first attempt. Any further waxing will not stick to the car’s surface and will most likely be wiped off when buffing.

Using a Dry Towel for Finishing

Yes, some people use their bathing towels to remove dirt they might have missed when washing. Never do this after finishing. You are simply creating scratches on the surface of your car by grinding the dirt particles against the paint. Instead, use a squeegee to dry the surface after washing. It can pick up and drag dirt without causing scratches on the paint.

Attending to the Tires and Wheels Last

Many people are used to cleaning their cars from top to bottom. In fact, this is how we were taught to do it. Cleaning your car from top to bottom is ideal, but it should not include the wheels and tires. Wheels and tires are the dirtiest parts of the car, and you are likely to splash the dirt to the areas you have already cleaned. It is advisable you start with the wheels first then move on to other areas.

Using Detergents

Detergents do a perfect job of cleaning utensils and other greasy surfaces. They even do better than other chemicals used to clean cars. The only problem with detergents is that they are made to remove grease and wax. This makes them a perfect enemy for your car because they can remove the sealants used to maintain the finish.