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Top 5 Biggest Car Detailing Myths

Over the years, a number of myths have developed about car detailing. From using dish soap to waxing myths, these misconceptions are unbelievably popular. While some are relatively harmless, other myths can actually hurt your vehicle.

  1. Waxing and Swirl Marks

For some reason, a number of people seem to believe that waxing will get rid of swirl marks. While it would be nice if it was true, the reality is that swirl marks can cause paint damage and scratches. The only way to remove swirl marks is by polishing them. On clear coat finishes, it is extremely difficult to remove these marks by hand. The best technique is to polish to remove the swirl marks. Then, add a layer of wax to protect your paint job.

  1. Dish Soap Cleans Cars

This myth has existed for decades. Unfortunately, dish soap was not designed for your vehicle. It was made to get rid of grease, oil and food. While dish soap works great on your dishes, it can actually hurt your car’s paint job. When you use dish soap on your vehicle, it can remove your waxes, silicone and polymers.

  1. Wax Protection Lasts for Five Years

This is entirely untrue. Even the best wax is not going to last for multiple years. With the increased pollution of the modern era, wax lasts for even less time than it did before. Ideally, you should be getting your car waxed every season. At minimum, your vehicle needs to be waxed twice a year. Paste wax might offer better protection than liquid wax, but it still will not last forever.

  1. Old Shirts and Diapers Can Detail Cars

This is another pervasive myth. For some reason, people think that old towels, diapers or shirts are great for detailing your car. While they might feel soft on your skin, they are made with polyester thread. The material can actually scratch your pain and cause swirls in the clear coat. The best thing that you can do to detail your car is invest in microfiber towels. Your car will still get clean, but you will not end up damaging the paint job.

  1. Shiny Cars Do Not Need to Be Cleaned

This myth seems logical at first. If your car looks pretty and shiny, it is obviously clean. Unfortunately, this is not true. Clean cars are not the same as washed cars. A car can have shiny paint and still be filthy. Instead of just looking at the shiny paint, try touching your car. After you wash and dry the vehicle, run your fingers along the paint job. If it feels rough or bumpy, then there are still contaminants on your car. You need to get these contaminants off with pre-wax polishing and detailing clay.

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By avoiding these car detailing methods, you will be able to give your vehicle the proper care it deserves. If you have questions about what may or may not be good for your car, you should always consult a professional.