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Top 5 American Made Cars

America is known for having a lot of great things. You have the Bill of Rights, the internet, rock and roll, barbecue, Google, and some great vehicles. Here are the top five best American made cars, and why they are great:

1) Ford F-150 truck

The Ford F-150 truck series has been selling for several years, and it has been a huge hit. Every year, Americans work hard to make this pickup truck stronger and more fuel efficient. Ford continues to add smarter technology features to make driving safer. The newer models have better cameras and sensors all over the vehicle to assist drivers in changing lanes and backing out of parking spaces. Americans pick the Ford F-150 because of its solid build, sturdiness, and spacious cab. The newer models can get up to 26 mpg and can tow cargo weighing anywhere from 5000-8000 pounds.

2) Chevrolet Corvette

The Corvette is so much fun to drive, and Americans love it. This particular Chevrolet model first hit the streets in the early 50s. This is a car that most people living in America have at least heard of. The newer Chevrolet models start at $50k and can cost up to $80k with extra features and a more powerful engine. The revamped Corvette Stingray option and the Z06 edition will run for about $80k. The Z06 has a thrilling supercharged V8 that outputs 650-horsepower. The carbon-fiber hood and small wing give it more downforce for greater fun on curvy roads. With the Corvette, you get supercar performance at a discounted price.

3) Ford Expedition

The Ford Expedition is super comfortable and spacious. Families with multiple children and worker crews enjoy this vehicle because of its seating capabilities and spacious trunk. The expedition is perfect for taking the kids on a road trip or hauling construction supplies to and from a construction site. This vehicle is comfortable, smooth, and has plenty of power under the hood. The newer models are available for purchase from anywhere between $45k and $65k.

4) Honda CR-V

This small SUV is very practical and fuel efficient. The Honda CR-V can get up to 34 mpg on the highway. The cargo volume for the CR-V measures between 37.6 and 39.2 ft³. With this car, you get tremendous value for a great price. You can purchase one of these SUVs for around $25k.

5) Chevrolet Camero

The Camero is an American-made muscle car. It is currently tied with its archrival, the Ford Mustang for the second most popular sports car. This coupe has superb handling abilities and pretty good fuel economy for its class. The six-cylinder engine can get up to 31 mpg if you prefer a sporty car with good gas mileage. The prices for this model can range anywhere from $25k to $70k depending on the type of engine you want, and which extra accessories you want to be included.