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Top 10 Most Followed Cars on Twitter

Have you ever wondered which cars were the most followed on Twitter? Here are the most popular cars on Twitter, based on data from Twitter Counter:

  1. Mercedes-Benz (@MercedesBenz)

The legendary German car maker tops the list with 2,783,809 followers. The company, which has been tweeting since 2009, is actually the 280th most popular account on all of Twitter, and they are on nearly 22,000 Twitter lists. The reason that they are so popular may have something to do with the frequency of their tweets. They average nearly 30 every day.

  1. Tesla (@Tesla)

Elon Musk’s famed electric car company began tweeting in 2008 and it is currently the number two car on Twitter, just slightly behind Mercedes with 2,749,787 follows. It also boasts an impressive follower-to-following ratio of nearly 22,000. It is popular in spite of averaging only a couple of tweets per day.

  1. Audi (@Audi)

Audi, like fellow German automaker Mercedes, has been tweeting since 2009. They currently have 1,907,026 Twitter followers. There are also on almost 6,000 Twitter lists. They average about 5 tweets per day.

  1. Lamborghini (@Lamborghini)

The high-priced Italian sports car has been on Twitter only since 2011, but it still has 1,739,634 followers, which is a lot higher than the number of cars they sell. Like Tesla, they only tweet a few times a day.

  1. Porsche (@Porsche)

The high-end German sports car manufacturer has been tweeting since 2009 and they have 1,691,180 followers. They also appear on nearly 5,000 Twitter lists. They have accomplished this despite the fact that they only tweet on average of once a day.

  1. BMW (@BMW)

Like their fellow German car manufacturers, BMW is very popular on Twitter. It has only been tweeting since 2013, but it still has 1,672,249 followers. It also has a very high follower-to-following ratio of nearly 23,000, and it tweets about 17 times every day. It should be noted that BMW India (@BMWIndia) has their own Twitter account, which is very popular in its own right.

  1. Aston Martin (@AstonMartin)

The most popular British car on Twitter is Aston Martin, which has been tweeting since 2010 and currently has 1,184,856 followers. The car is on nearly 3,500 Twitter lists and it tweets about 3 times a day.

  1. Ford Motor Company (@Ford)

The popular traditional American car company on Twitter is Ford. They have been tweeting since 2008, and they have 1,117,360 followers. They tweet about 8 times every day.

  1. Jaguar (@Jaguar)

The British luxury car maker has been on Twitter since 2011, and they currently have 1,037,662 followers. They tweet about 3 times a day.

  1. Chevrolet (@Chevrolet)

The venerable American car company has been on Twitter since 2009, and they have 1,016,442 followers. They tweet on average 13 times per day.