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They Don’t Build ‘Em Like They Used To

Today we’d like to talk about today’s cars in this DIY climate that we live in today. First, let us preface this blog post with the fact that we recognize that today’s brand new cars increasingly perform at a higher level than cars of yesteryear, while being safer, more spacious, better built, and loaded with far more amenities.

But one thing that folks have been noticing for some time is the lack of ease a car owner encounters while trying to perform minor fixes on their newer cars. Some will relent and complain that in order to work on their car, they’d have to have some sort of degree in mechanics or automotive technology.

The main argument most people have has to do with the computer system of a vehicle, which has gotten more and more intricate, more and more complex as years have gone by. A part of this has to do with cars and trucks relying more and more on computer technology. Federal Government regulates the automotive industry big time, making automobiles become more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. Newer amenities make computer technology extremely important for features like park view features that help drivers reverse and park more efficiently and safely, Bluetooth capabilities, complex navigational systems, as well as models that utilize electric-powered engines and hybrid systems. All of these features and capabilities are becoming standardized, which will in turn make these vehicles harder to work on, forcing specialists to increase their own knowledge and skill sets.

Auto manufacturers scoff at the idea of being accused of making vehicles harder to work on. During mock-up procedures, certain manufacturers spend a large portion of time focusing on the “serviceability” of their vehicles. It’s a huge part of their design process to make these vehicles as easy to work on as possible.

Another thing to consider is the difficulty that being a mechanic can cause for service managers and consumers themselves. Think about how rural automotive shops struggle to find qualified mechanics to fill the open positions in their company. To get the best techs they can find, rural service managers have to shoulder the increased cost of seeking out, hiring, and further training  advanced techs, which is then passed along to you, the consumer. In short, your car is getting more expensive to service as it gets more difficult to service.

In the end, we apologize for not being able to answer fully our own question. Why is it that your car more difficult to service in the modern age? Is it government regulation, the auto industry, consumer demand for handy dandy “cool” technologies, or is maintenance difficulty due to some other reason? We’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Mobile Wash is happy to report that there are no changes in the car washing industry. We’re still here 7 days a week, ready to give your car the VIP treatment. Call or schedule your wash online today!