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The Uber of Car Washing


The Uber of car washing is making a splash. In January of 2010, a non-descript tweet sent from the account of serial entrepreneur Travis Kalanick asked for a “product mgr/biz-dev killer 4 a location-based service.” Ryan Graves responded to the tweet, and eventually become CEO and built the brand known today as Uber.

Though Uber had some initial hiccups, it is today the premiere on-demand ride-hailing service envisioned by Kalanick all those years ago. The fact that a customer can call for a ride anywhere in the country by a simple tap on their phone is revolutionizing the way that people travel, both recreationally and for business.

MobileWash is a venture based out of Los Angeles and is poised to make the exact same impact, albeit in the car wash industry. Though car experts agree that washing your car regularly (at least 1-2 times per month) is one of the best things you can do for your car, few actually keep to any schedule, mostly due to convenience factors.

Enter: MobileWash an on-demand service that provides professionals for those needing their vehicle cleaned. This company promises to deliver an exceptional cleaning service every time.

At first glance, it would appear that MobileWash and Uber have nothing in common. A closer look will reveal several similarities in their business model.

Convenience: Both Uber and MobileWash are app-based, which means all the payment processing and scheduling are done inside of a single network. While this poses its unique set of challenges, it also centralizes the activity in one location, rather than having to coordinate with a call center, website, etc.

On-Demand: While a subscription model might work for these types of businesses, MobileWash offers an on-demand service, allowing you the convenience of scheduling a wash whenever and however you want it. If you spent the week off-roading and need a wash immediately, simply tap the button and MobileWash is at your door.

Independent Contractors: Rather than keep a constantly rotating staff of car washers under the MobileWash brand, they employ pro washers as independent contractors instead, which limits the overhead and cuts down on liability. Uber operates the same way, linking individual drivers with people seeking a ride. The washers receive a cut of the revenue and in return receive a steady stream of clients. The Uber of car washing. MobileWash auto detailer cleans a car.

Job Opportunities: One of the reasons that Uber has taken off is because people have the opportunity to participate not only as a rider but also as a driver. MobileWash offers the same type of connections, allowing people to not only use the service for their own personal needs but also make some side money by working as a car washer. There are obvious requirements that need to be hit, but the reach provided by MobileWash in terms of marketing is magnified as a result.

With a solid business model in place and a steady stream of clients waiting to take part in the next big thing in the auto industry, MobileWash is poised to make a gigantic impact in the years to come.


Revolutionizing the Car Wash Industry, MobileWash Grows 300 Percent Yearly

As of April 2019, MobileWash, the mobile car wash app, has grown 300 percent each year. A true on-demand car wash app, MobileWash brings the car wash to customers in minutes. This year, MobileWash has grown even further and will be expanding into five states by the end of summer from California into Nevada, Florida, Arizona, and Texas.