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The Perfect Amount of Time in Between Car Washes


We all want to take care of our cars, whether our cars are brand new, or older and a little neglected, or anywhere in between, and part of regular automotive care is car washing. You may have heard of the golden rule of car washing: once every two weeks.

That might seem like a lot of washing to you, but, according to many automotive experts, this really is the best routine for your car. Why?


1.Bugs – the longer you leave splattered bugs on your car, the trickier they are to remove from your exterior without chipping paint.

2.Water – whether it’s rain or the pesky sprinklers at work, water droplets can promote rust on your car and can leave hard mineral deposits on the paint.

3.Tree sap – tree sap can erode away your car’s paint finish, leaving ugly white spots.

4.Bird droppings – these can leave etchings on your car’s exterior if you leave them for too long.

5.Salt – if you live near the coast or drive on roads that have been salted, beware! Salt, if allowed to build up, can damage the undercarriage of your car, as well as scratching your car’s paint.

Still not convinced?

A major benefit to washing your car once every two weeks is that it will protect your car’s value.

If you’re thinking about selling or trading in your car sometime in the near future, you can protect it from depreciating in value faster by keeping it clean.

Appearance is the first thing anyone will judge your car by, so chipped paint or rust can dramatically lower someone’s opinion of your car, whether that person is your date or a prospective car buyer!

Washing your car once every two weeks is the best rule to follow if you want to make sure your car is in top condition!

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