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The Official Vehicle Sponsorships of all 30 MLB Franchises

General Motors, the maker of the Chevrolet brand of vehicles, had its contract renewed by Major League Baseball (MLB) in 2016, according to National Baseball Writer, Maury Brown’s article, “Chevrolet Renews Sponsorship With MLB, Joins ‘Play ball Initiative” published on Forbes.com. Because of MLB and Commissioner Rob Manfred’s efforts to get children and grown-ups involved in baseball and softball, Chevrolet became the “Official Automotive Sponsor of MLB and USA Baseball’s Play Ball initiative” as noted by Maury Brown.

Regarding the length of time that MLB has been involved with a sponsor like General Motors, and their product Chevrolet, MLB, and Chevy have been in a sponsorship contract since 2005. As an example of the MLB and Chevrolet’s business partnership, a 50th Edition Chevrolet Camaro was given to the MVP of the 2016 World Series, Ben Zobrist.

GM’s Chevrolet car brand presents the Most Valuable Player (MVP) awards after the conclusion of both the World Series and the All-Star Game. And although MLB has many sponsors located worldwide, executives at MLB have stated that “the partnership between an American car brand and America’s pastime has proven to be the right fit” according to Matthew Rocco, a writer for FOX Business.

Indeed, Matthew Rocco also noted in his piece, “Chevrolet Signs Up To Remain MLB Sponsor” that concerning American made cars and sponsorships, “Chevrolet is the only American car brands to score a sponsorship deal with one of the four major U.S sports leagues. Hyundai replaced GM’s GMC brand as the official car partner of the NFL before the 2015 season.”

The MLB sees Chevrolet as a brand that fits perfectly. Indeed, a USAToday article highlighted the opinions of Paul Edwards, GM’s vice president of Chevrolet marketing in the U.S. about this deal between the MLB and his company. Executives at GM noted that the Chevrolet’s and MLB symbiosis concerning this deal was a natural fit. And it provides Chevrolet and its car dealers the ability to connect with many generations in the U.S. on a personal level. And this is due to the support of baseball teams at both the pro and youth level in American hometowns.

Moreover, in 2016, the MLB signed an agreement that would last three years. And in 2011, the MLB and Chevrolet had inked a contract for five years. This 2016 deal between both the MLB and General Motors is a bit shorter in duration, this time around.