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The Necessities of Car Washing

Must-Haves for Washing Your Car

It’s winter time, and the driving is dirty. You want to wash your car, but you want to do it right. Unfortunately, that isn’t as simple a dish soap and paper towels. You need the right tools for the job.


Special Suds

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not okay to wash your car with dish soap, hand soap, nor glass cleaner. (Yes, it’s been tried.) These products can strip away the protective wax coating, leaving your paint job to the mercy of the elements. They can also cause exterior plastic and rubber trim to dry out faster. Protect the life of your paint job by using a cleaning product designed to clean automotive paint. You can find these cleaners in just about any automotive supply store, or your local supermarket.


Soft Fabrics

Apply your suds with a soft natural sponge, using separate sponges for the body and the wheels, because the latter tend to pick up dirt and grime that can scratch your paint. A lamb’s wool mitt is another excellent applicator. Grease, rubber, and road tar collected around the wheel wells can be removed with a soft, nonabrasive cloth, so you don’t gum up the sponge you’re using on the rest of the body. Finally, use a chamois, soft terry towel, or microfiber towel to dry your car when you’re done.


Special Job Cleaners

Sometimes, you need a little extra cleaning power to remove bugs or built-up wheel grime. There are plenty of special cleaning solutions on the market, but be sure to read the labels and follow instructions when you use them. Wheel cleaners, especially, should be suited to your particular wheel finish—clear coat or chrome, for example.


Protective Coats

You wouldn’t go out in the sun without protection, so don’t leave your car unprotected from UV rays. A coat of wax will preserve your car’s shiny finish. Generally speaking, there are two types of wax, carnauba, and polymer. If you’re in a hurry, it pays to know the former doesn’t get hazy when it dries and can be wiped off minutes after you apply it.


How Do I Clean My Car When I Have Little Time?

Not everyone is inclined to spend time shopping for the must-haves, nor does every automobile owner have time to use them correctly. Those automatic, drive-through car washes may be convenient, but they can be hard on your car. Luckily, you have another option—experts like MobileWash bring perfect washing and detailing right to your door.


Whether you do it yourself, or call on the experts, using the right equipment will prolong the life and beauty of your car.