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The Changing Face of the Best Car Wash in Bellflower

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Car washing is a business that grows every year, with more and more vehicles on the road, it is expected to reach $26 billion in revenue by the year 2024. Not only is there a growing demand which matches the rise of vehicles, but people are also expecting more from their car wash. Whether this is cleaning the company car before the annual meeting with the boss, or cleaning it before selling, car cleaning has become an on-demand service for thousands of people across California. It also means that finding the best car wash in Bellflower could be only a few clicks away.

A rapid rise in demand

There are several reasons why more people than ever before are turning to mobile car wash businesses. Firstly, people are working longer hours, with less spare time, than ever before. This means that they often need to outsource basic tasks such as shopping or washing the car. Secondly, there is a growing culture of DIFM – do it for me – which means that people expect others to be around in order to perform everyday tasks. Add in the number of families who now have two or even three cars in their driveway, and you might see why more people are turning to others to clean the cars.

Outsourced services more popular

In the decades after the Second World War, there was a popular tradition of DIY – everything from gardening to car repairs and home refurbishment was done by the homeowners. While self-sufficiency was good when people had more disposable income and time, (as well as when they had the skills to complete all these tasks) modern car owners have neither the inclination nor the tools available to do things such as fix a side mirror, or add liquid wax to a car in order to enhance its look. Mobile services can clean and wax the car quickly and cheaply, resulting in a professional finish that is worth the expense.

the best car wash in bellflower

Getting the vehicle in good condition for resale

Another reason why so many people are choosing to make use of professional services is that they want the car to look good before they sell it. Buyers are more likely to pay handsomely for a car which looks well-cared for, and it is worth asking a professional team to do a full detail and wash on the car prior to selling. You also don’t want to sell a car that looks dirty, inside and out, particularly in a local area where other people might know you.

The rise of professional on-demand car washing

The real key to the increased interest in mobile car washing, rather than the location-based car wash service is that it can be ordered through online systems. Business owners wanting to make sure their vehicles are properly cleaned can order a multi-vehicle detail, and private car owners can choose a simple wash and brush-up, all from the same app on a mobile phone. This makes the whole process of ordering much more convenient, and car owners don’t even have to make the effort of going to the local car wash – the mobile team comes to them. When the process is so much easier, it is more likely to be ordered regularly, and so the car wash service receives regular orders.

High quality service

It is important to the survival of mobile car wash and detail services that they provide a high-quality, professional service. As the procedure is one which will need repeating again and again, customers need to be satisfied by the mobile team. Discussing the service that you need with the Mobile Wash team before you place an order can allow you to be clearer about what your car needs, and what the end result will be. For example, ordering an express service will get you a fast wash without any extras, while ordering the Deluxe service will give you a slower, but more detailed clean and polish.

Finding the Best mobile car wash service in Bellflower

When you are looking for an on-demand mobile car wash service, you should start at the Mobile Wash app. When you download this on to your iPhone or Android (we support both), you can search your location and confirm it with the team, and even schedule the wash now or for later. Once the team arrives, you can enjoy them improving the shine on your vehicle, and you don’t even have to get your hands wet. We operate throughout daylight hours all year round, so you can have one of our professional teams in your driveway today when you use the app. For more detailed support, or to ask any questions, we have a California based support team. Reach out to us by calling (888) 209-5585 today.