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The Best Car Wash Near Me: A Tap Away With Mobile App

Two MobileWash washers do an auto detail on a silver Toyota Sienna minivan for mobile detailing and auto detailing service.


Your car not just your means of transportation, it may well be part of your identity. A beautiful,  clean and shiny car is associated with luxury and success. Even those who view their cars from a practical point of view prefer riding in a clean and comfortable cabin. After all, who would want to walk in dirty shoes or rumpled clothes? Keeping your car clean is a necessity in both dusty and rainy days.

Although you know how important keeping your car clean is, you have a busy schedule that doesn’t always allow you to drive your car to ‘the best car wash near me’. Apart from driving to the place, you will have to wait in the queue and pay more money for services that leave much to be desired. Fortunately, a mobile car wash is an easy and affordable way to keep your car clean without having to travel to a car wash or supervise the job. 


Why Consider a Mobile Car Wash

Since 2017, mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, and phablets, are the number one tool that people across the globe use to order for products or services both online and offline. The mobile wash industry is growing at a tremendous rate, and many car owners are opting to request for car wash and detailing services through their mobile devices. Unlike your personal computer, mobile devices make it much easier for you to access a professional MobileWash car detailer. Here are some benefits of using a mobile app like MobileWash to request for car wash services.


Find a Professional Car Detailer Near You in Just a Single Tap

Using the MobileWash app to request for professional car wash and car detailing services is a straightforward process. After you download the application, it will use your geographic location to track a professional car detailer in real-time. The cleaner will use maps to navigate to where you are. This means that you won’t have to wait for a professional located far from you. Only the closest qualified cleaner will come to you. 


Fast Responses

According to Medium, mobile applications are approximately 1.5 times much faster than mobile websites. What’s more, the design of an application allows it to store your personal data on your phone, and you can quickly retrieve it when you need it. Mobile applications also run on some frameworks like iOS or Android, which makes them even faster than websites. 


Online and Offline Access

The MobileWash application offers you a smooth user experience since you can access it, whether online or offline. You can access specific information like your booking history and the transactions that you made. You can also update your personal information instantly when you have an internet connection. 


the best car wash near me

Mobile App Updates and Push Notifications Are Available

MobileWash only partners with experienced car detailers that know time is an important factor to you. When you request for car cleaning and detailing services using the MobileWash application, you will get instant updates about your request. You will also receive push notifications on your phone alerting you of the progress of your request. 


Affordable Quality Car Cleaning and Detailing Services

Professional car cleaners and detailers that partner with MobileWash are now able to expand their audience without having to invest in marketing. This means that the cleaner will offer more affordable car cleaning services. You will also save time and gas that you would have otherwise used up traveling to a car wash. Approximately, your car will be clean within less than 2 hours. 


The MobileWash Application Uses Your Device Features

The MobileWash smartphone application uses your mobile device features like the GPS to connect maps. In fact, after you download the application, you will receive a notification requesting you to turn on your GPS. 


Make Payments Easily and Safely

With the increase in cybercrime, you want to be careful when sharing your personal financial details. The MobileWash application uses a secure sockets layer or SSL that encrypts your credit card details. You also pay for what you want. MobileWash has three packages that you can choose from- Express, Deluxe, and Premium. You can also choose to customize your own package.

After making the payment, you will see the profile of your MobileWash service provider. The profile includes a picture of the car detailer, their ratings, and their geographical location. Keep in mind that you can also rate your service provider so that other customers can know your experience. 


Download the MobileWash Car Wash App Today!

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