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The Best Car Wash near Los Angeles, Always

the best car wash near los angeles

If you’ve ever searched for the best car wash near Los Angeles in your search browser, then you know that “near” means a lot of things. It can mean “near,” as in “there’s a car wash near you, but it’s only like about three miles or so.” Of course, one person’s definition of “near” is very different from someone else’s definition of “near.” Sometimes, an online search engine will say that “near” means “within twenty miles of where you live,” which would change the definition of “near” to something very akin to “far.” At MobileWash, when you’re in or around Los Angeles (as well as many other locations) we can bring you a top-quality car wash.


Best Car Wash Near Los Angeles for Convenience and More

Furthermore, “near” just refers to “distance.” It says nothing about the distance itself. For example, if you go to get your car washed somewhere “near Los Angeles” and it’s only about five miles, that may sound very convenient. However, if those five miles are in some of the areas with the heaviest traffic during the busiest times of the day, then there’s just nothing “near” about it. While it may technically be only a few miles away, it can feel like it’s practically on the other side of LA.


Car Wash Without Traffic Concerns

With MobileWash, you never have to worry about getting stuck in traffic. There’s never a concern about having to sit through red lights, being immobile in traffic on the highway, or getting lost on your way to the car wash. Instead, with MobileWash, you can have the car wash come to you. This can allow you to get a car wash during the busiest times of the day without worry about “rush hour” or anything like that. While you’re relaxing comfortably, our pro auto detailers are making their way through rush hour traffic to give you the car wash that you want.


Mobile Car Wash App Prices

At MobileWash, not only do you get high-quality auto detailing, you get high-quality auto detailing for less. We know that there are other mobile car wash apps out there, but they don’t give you the same level of services at the price we do. When we built MobileWash, we wanted to make the one definitive mobile car wash, the kind of car wash that we would want for our own cars. So, we designed it to have the best of all worlds: the best services at the best prices. Then, to ensure that it stayed in that lofty position, we continue to add services and improve it.



Other Mobile Car Wash Prices

At MobileWash, you know that you can get an Express, Deluxe or Premium car wash for $22.99, $28.99 and $64.99 respectively. Of course, those prices fluctuate depending on the dynamic pricing of your vehicle as well as any add-ons that you choose to get. If you use the “Washe” service, then their prices go from $30 to $45, $75 and $120. Not only are each of their different levels of service more expensive, but they don’t have dynamic pricing. This means that if you have a sedan or station wagon, then you’re paying the same price as someone with a giant truck. Moreover, the “Emerald” service costs roughly twice as much as our “Premium” while offering roughly the same amount of services.

These other mobile car washes don’t have the same high standard of auto detailers that we do. Here at MobileWash, we really put any aspiring auto detailers through the proverbial “ringer” before we send them out on the road. We vet each of them individually so that we know they’re qualified for the job. Other mobile car wash app companies don’t do that. They just basically let people sign up, say “I want to wash cars” and then put them out on the road.

We’ve heard horror stories of people who ordered a car wash only to find that someone arrived with a bucket of water, a rag, and that’s it. We’re not exactly sure what that is, but it certainly is not a high-quality mobile car wash. At MobileWash, we make sure that the people who are coming to wash your car are qualified to do so.

A car wash is too important to be left to the amateurs. Your vehicle is an extension of who you are. Getting a consistent car wash is an important yet easy way to keep the resale value high. While we all may not have time to take our vehicles to get them washed somewhere, a mobile car wash can bring the car wash to you. To get started on a great car wash anywhere near Los Angeles, download our app for Android or Apple devices.