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The Best Car Wash in Santa Ana for Working People

MobileWash washer sprays soap on a white SUV for a car cleaning.

Have you ever added up how much time you spend at work? First, you count the hours that you spend at the job. To get the most accurate title, you also have to include how much time you spend coming to and from your job, too. In southern California, that adds quite a bit of time to many jobs, with the traffic and all. Beyond that, to have a picture that takes in everything, you’ll also want to include how much time you spend doing work-related things when you aren’t on the job. For example, if you’re a teacher, how much time you spend doing lesson plans, grading papers and so forth when you aren’t actually at school. Looking at all of that, we spend quite a bit of time at our jobs. That’s why MobileWash is the best car wash in Santa Ana for folks who work.

Best Car Wash in Santa Ana: Convenience

No one wants to have a messy car. No one chooses deliberately to have grime and worse on the outside of their car, as well as crumbs, wrappers and more on the inside. However, our lives often go in such a direction that having these kinds of problems is natural. If you’re always going to and from work, then you have an incredibly busy social life (with family, kids, friends and more) then the car wash is always going to come in lower on your list of priorities. That doesn’t mean that you fail to see washing your car was important, rather, it means that you always have something else going on. That’s where MobileWash can come in.

the best car wash in santa ana

A Car Wash That Works Around You

With MobileWash, you don’t have to schedule it in. Rather, we can schedule the car wash around you. So, when you’re at home and watching movies with your family or something similar, you can schedule us to come over and wash your vehicle. You don’t have to take time away from watching the movie to get your car washed. In fact, you don’t even have to come outside – we’ll let you know when the car wash is finished. Many of our customers check on our pro detailers a bit during the wash, but you certainly don’t have to.

“Wash Now” = Maximum Convenience

Many of us who have busy schedules and can’t find the time to fit in a car wash sometimes can be pleasantly surprised. You may have experienced something like this: in your busy, packed schedule, all of a sudden, there’s some kind of last minute cancellation or change, and suddenly you have a few free hours that you didn’t think you’d have. All of a sudden, you may decide “this is the time for a car wash.” You could take that time to drive to a car wash, but that may eat up all of your unexpected free time. Worse, it may not end in time so you could be looking at running down your appointments for the rest of the day.

“Wash Now” Means It

This is why so many of our customers swear by the “Wash Now” feature. When you click on “Wash Now,” you could have one of our top-flight detailers to your location quickly. If there is one in the area, they can be to your location fast. Then, they’ll do the car wash right then and there. This is exactly how Uber, Lyft and other rideshare apps work – except this time, instead of going somewhere; you’ll have a clean car. Not only is this perfect for working people, but it’s great for when last second things appear on your own schedule. Maybe, out of the blue, you suddenly have to be somewhere you want to have your car look great while you’re there. “Wash Now” can make your car look fantastic in a hurry.

A Car Wash for the Whole Office

MobileWash isn’t just limited to homes, of course. There are plenty of people who have MobileWash come to their place of business and wash their cars. What makes this so appealing to so many is the “bundle” discount. When you get multiple cars washed, you can get a group discount. So, that rewards you for getting multiple cars washed at once. That means that everyone in your office can have their car washed while not on their own time. This makes for a happier weekend for everyone.

In the end, what makes MobileWash the best choice for hard-working folks isn’t just the convenience, but that the car wash is of such high quality as well. Each of our detailers is just like you: hard working professionals doing their best for their clients and customers. Get started with MobileWash today by downloading our app.