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The 9 Best Car Accounts to Follow On Instagram

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Do you follow several Instagram accounts that post daily food, dog, and flower pictures but still feel like something is missing on your timeline? Maybe, just maybe, your feed could use some new visuals that will get your blood pumping every morning. We are not talking about your average half-naked pictures of hot female models. Instead, we mean pictures of absolutely stunning cars. I think your timeline would look better with images of classic cars, luxury cars, sports cars, and automotive unicorns.

Here, we have compiled a list of the nine best car accounts to follow on Instagram.


1) Huseyin Erturk (@huseyinerturk)

Erturk captures some of the rarest cars in the world like they are wild animals on the loose. Sure, he may be a professional photographer, and some of his images may be staged, but everything he produces is pure beauty. He posts pictures of several different sports car brands including Porsches, Jaguars, and Ferraris.


2) Scott Brown (@supersangron)

Brown specializes in capturing and editing images of all the famous classic American sports cars from the late 1900s (60s-80s). He often shoots in small towns all over America where slightly rusty classics rest in garages just waiting to be driven again.


3) Amy Shore (@amyshorephotography)

Shore lives in England where vintage Fiats can be seen casually driving around back roads. If you do not live in Europe, consider giving her a follow. She posts pictures of cars that you will never see in America. Shore is also known for producing images of automotive unicorns like the 1967 Ferrari P4. Only four Ferrari P4 models were made.


4) Beverly Hills Car Club (@beverlyhillscarclub)

If you live near Beverly Hills, you have probably seen or heard of this dealership. Beverly Hills is known for housing some well-off people who own fancy cars. Beverly Hills Car Club stores several rare vintage cars. Some of the vehicles they sell were apart of the Hollywood scene. All of the cars they post are for sale if you have that kind of money.


5) Peter Aylward (@peteraylward)

If you enjoy looking at fast cars on a track, this is the guy to follow. Aylward, a professional United Kingdom automotive photographer, does incredible work to capture all angles of fast cars. You can find some of his published photos in Top Gear, Blackbird, 000 Mag, Stanceworks, and Hypebeast.


6) Singer Vehicle Design (@singervehicledesign)

If you love Porsches, you will enjoy this account. This timeline is filled with fully restored Porsche 911s. By following this account, you get access to images of the interior and exterior of some of the rarest Porsche vehicles.


7) Car Lifestyle (@carlyfestyle)

Car Lifestyle posts a little bit of everything. If you are looking for a car account that regularly posts images of SUVs, vintage sports cars, muscle cars, beautifully wrapped vehicles, and everything in between, consider checking them out.


8) Mustang (@mustang)

Mustang is not an official Ford Instagram account. Rather, it is an account that merely fantasizes over Ford Mustangs. If you enjoy looking at pony shots, it is worth a look.


9) Alex Penfold (@alexpenfold)

There is a lot of global wealth flying down the streets of London which means, Penfold has a prime spot to capture some automotive unicorns. He just casually takes pictures of the Koenigsegg Naraya, a Ferrari LaFerrari, and an Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato.



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