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The 15 Coolest Car Gadgets On The Market

Car technology is not just made for safety. It’s also about promoting total comfort and convenience. So, your driving becomes more fun and interesting. Here are 15 of the latest and coolest car gadgets that you’ll find in stores today.

  1. Laser Fog Lamps

These bright lasers are hard to ignore at night. The lights are suitable for the front or back of the car. Choose the color and level of brightness that you prefer.

  1. Voice Command Systems

Control your car using voice-activated commands. Tell your car to open the door, turn on the engine or turn up the volume on the radio.

  1. Car Camcorder

Invest in a car video recorder to capture all of the action as you drive. Record thefts, accidents and other roadside incidents as they happen.

  1. USB Car Charger

Now, people no longer have to charge their phones at home. A car charger allows you to charge a phone, music player or other devices with a USB connection.

  1. LED Interior Lights

Place multicolored strip lights on the dash or install lamps behind the seats. At night, use these lights to illuminate any part of the car.

  1. Car Seat Side Filler

Everyone has lost something within the seats of a car. Now, place fillers on the sides of your cars to prevent the loss of your valuables, such as keys or pens.

  1. Car Trash Bags

People who travel a lot will enjoy a specialized car trash bag. It’s waterproof and made of a sturdy, leak-proof material that protects your car from messes.

  1. Backseat Hooks

Backseat hooks are recommended to athletes and people who carry around bags. The hooks are helpful when you run out of space to place the shopping bags.

  1. Cell Phone Holder

Stay safe as you drive with a cell phone holder. Mount the holder on the dash and have a hands-free phone conversation.

  1. Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

You hear about tire safety, but you don’t know how to check. Check the tires all on your own by using a digital, portable tire pressure gauge.

  1. Backseat Organizer

The backseat organizer is ideal for families with children. Hang this on the back of the seat and use the compartments to stay well organized.

  1. Diagnostic Car Scanner

This handheld device detects common car problems at the touch of a button. Make an automatic diagnosis of the car’s engine, ignition or transmission issues.

  1. Remote Car Starter

Lock your doors or start the engine from a distance. This is helpful for when you walk to the car with both hands full.

  1. Car Jump Starter Kit

Jump start your car’s battery using the right clamp and charger. The kit is lightweight and portable to carry from one car to another.

  1. Digital Cup

Do not worry about warming your liquids at home. Use a digital mug that is turned on to the temperature that you choose. Connect and charge its battery in your car.