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Smartphone App to Find a Car Wash Near Me

A MobileWash washer sprays soap foam on a red Ford Mustang with black rims for a car cleaning and auto detailing.

With so many on-demand service apps available, getting what you need has never been easier. You can use your phone for everything from getting food delivered to having your dog walked. Now, with MobileWash, you can even get your car washed with your phone! The MobileWash app will find ‘a car wash near me, but not in the traditional sense. Rather than driving you to the carwash, MobileWash will drive it to you!

The App

Even though most everyone is tech-savvy nowadays, that doesn’t mean every app should requiring decoding. The MobileWash app is designed simply, so you can get your car washed and get on with your day without the headache. Simply download the MobileWash app, enter your address, decide when you want your service, and get back to your busy schedule! 

It truly is that simple. MobileWash services cities in Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada, and Texas. In the service areas, MobileWash app users simply decide when and where they want their car washed, and an expert team of washers will arrive to do the job! Everything is done through the app. You can schedule a wash immediately or set one up in advance, so your car is washed whenever is most convenient for you. You can even pay directly through the app, meaning you don’t have to worry about hidden fees or having cash on hand.

a car wash near me

MobileWash vs. Traditional Car Wash

When customers first experience the advantages of MobileWash, it is hard not to compare them to the experience of a traditional wash. Besides being an on-demand mobile service, MobileWash has a few key features that differentiate it from traditional car wash services. 


At a traditional car wash, pricing tends to be based on the type of service rather than on the type of car. While it certainly makes sense to charge more for deluxe services, why should having your Mini Cooper cleaned be the same price as having an SUV cleaned? This was something MobileWash definitely wanted to address and make it an integral part of quoting wash prices. 

While the basic packages that MobileWash offers have starting prices, the actual price of your wash is always determined by the make and model of your car. MobileWash has an enormous (seriously, it’s huge) database of cars, so every customer that uses MobileWash pays a fair price. 

Expert Washers

While you certainly can find high-quality hand washes at traditional establishments, the majority of car washes are automated. With MobileWash, you are guaranteed a highly vetted and experienced washer. Our employees are carefully selected for their attention to detail, skill, and excellent customer service. 

Beyond our careful selection of MobileWash employees, the actual quality of hand car wash vs. automated washes can barely be compared. Careful hand washing and detailing of your vehicle ensures that you get the best result, every time. 

Speed and Convenience 

While you may have ‘a car wash near me’, chances are you and the rest of your community will end up at the car was on the same day. Long lines, busy days, and slow service can seriously put a damper on your day. With MobileWash, you are able to schedule a carwash whenever you like and ensure it gets done quickly and on time. Our amazing teams of washers arrive on time and work quickly while never compromising the end result. 


To keep things simple, MobileWash offers three basic starting packages – but that doesn’t mean our services are basic. Every wash is customized to best suit your car’s make and model, and every package can be customized with extra services to get your car sparkling clean! 


The Express Package is our most basic and fastest offering. Once MobileWash arrives, your car will get a full exterior wash, including windows, rims, and tiring dressing. Optional add ons include water spot removal and liquid hand wax. No matter what you choose, MobileWash will have the exterior of your car shining like a diamond!

Express Plus

Express plus is Express…plus! You get everything offered with the Express Package, plus extra interior services like seat, floor, and mat vacuuming, interior window cleaning, and a basic wipedown of your dash, center console, and doors. Want a couple more details focused on inside your car? No problem! Optional add ons for the Express Plus Package include upholstery conditioning and floor mat cleaning. 

Deluxe Plus

The most luxurious package available, the Deluxe Plus goes above and beyond to make your car sparkle inside and out! Including all the services available through Express Plus, the Deluxe Plus package includes a full interior wipedown, light interior stain removal, and leather cleaning and conditioning. To keep your exterior looking amazing, the Deluxe Plus Package includes exterior plastic dressing and full exterior hand wax.

Download the MobileWash app today to get your car wash instant quote!