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Reliable Hand Car Wash Mobile App

Two MobileWash washers give a hand wash a grey Porsche sports car for mobile car detailing and car detailing services.

It’s a common feeling: you can see that the dust and dirt are building up on your car, and you know it’s time for a wash, but it’s hard to get out there to a drive-through car wash. Whether you’re driving back and forth between work and home, shuttling kids around, or taking long road trips, it’s hard to find the time to find a good, reliable hand car wash to visit.

If you’ve been to enough drive-through car washes, you’ve probably also experienced the frustration of checking your car out afterward and noticing that your car is streaky, or patches of dirt have been missed entirely. It’s a simple fact that many mechanized car washes just can’t get to some of the hard-to-reach places. We too often dismiss a subpar cleaning job as the consequence of convenience. It doesn’t have to be!

The Benefits of Our Hand Car Wash Mobile App

Even worse than a car wash that leaves your car streaky or only half-cleaned is a car wash that damages your car. Car washes that rely on machinery always risk damaging your car, whether through malfunction or just bad luck. With a hand-wash, you’ll never have to worry about your sunroof leaking soapy water or a stray piece of machinery taking the paint off your car.

Luckily, excellent hand-wash service for your car is now as accessible as the phone in your hand. With the Mobile Wash app, you can schedule a wash now and expect a professional car washer and detailer to be at your door in minutes. Mobile Wash washers have been vetted, insured, and has gone through a background check. We stand by the reliability and professionalism of all our employees. Now, you can get your car washed as soon as you notice that dirt on the back windshield.

Each car is an individual machine with individual needs, so it only makes sense that Mobile Wash offers custom pricing based on the year, make, and model of each car. Prices are further customized based on location, so you can expect to save even more if you live nearby! If you’re interested in bundle discounts, Mobile Wash has you covered. Beyond that, it’s easy to take advantage of a fifth car discount to save even more on high quality care for the cars you love.

Saving you a lot of Time!

It’s easy to procrastinate washing your car, but it’s in your best interest to maintain a reliable washing schedule. Your car is an investment, and keeping it clean is just one way to keep your car’s value high and the machine itself running well. Many professionals recommend washing your car every one to two weeks, simply to protect the exterior and paint work from damage. With Mobile Wash, it’s easier than ever to stay on top of keeping your car clean.

If you live in an area with lots of salt in the environment, it’s a good idea to clean your car even more regularly. Salt can corrode metal and lead to a rusty exterior. We often think of car washes as a summer activity, but salt is exactly why it’s a good idea to wash your car more frequently in the winter—salt on the roads can get rid of ice, but can also wreak havoc on your car.

reliable hand car wash

The interior of your car generally endures less wear and tear than the exterior, but it can still benefit from a good cleaning. In fact, the interior of your car has a much greater effect on your personal health, so it’s a good idea to clean regularly! Animal hair, pollen, and dust can easily build up in the interior of your car, causing allergies or irritation until it’s removed. The people who come in and out of your car bring their own germs along with them, not to mention bits of food and whatever was on the bottom of their shoes. Even if you keep your car free of clutter, you’ll be impressed by how much your car’s interior can benefit from a detailed interior cleaning. You’ll experience fewer allergens, less germs, and fresher air.

Mobile Wash is There for You

When you get your car washed regularly, you’ll be taking care of yourself as well as your ride, and Mobile Wash offers one of the best ways to safely and regularly clean your car. Mobile Wash is now available in five different states, so if you live in California, Nevada, Texas, Arizona, or Florida, try using our app for your next hand car wash or car detailing. We care for cars, and when you hire Mobile Wash you can expect a personalized touch and a clean, detailed vehicle. You’ll be amazed by just how convenient the service is, and how great your car will look afterwards.