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Quality Car Wash and Detail in Los Angeles Anytime

Car Wash and Auto Detailing

It’s not easy to get a quality car wash and detail in Los Angeles. It’s even harder to do so on a schedule that you’d like. Sure, it’s easy to find a car wash in Los Angeles. Some days, it can seem like there are as many car washes in the greater Los Angeles area than there are cars. Of course, the problem is finding a good car wash, one that you trust, and one that can do a good job. The other part is being able to fit your schedule around going to said car wash enough to make sure that your vehicle looks great. That’s what’s so useful about MobileWash: we can bring the car wash to you.

Our Quality Car Wash and Detail in Los Angeles

While there are many car washes in and around Los Angeles, that’s just the problem with them: they’re around Los Angeles. You have to go somewhere to get to them. They don’t come right to your home. So that means you have to get in your car, drive somewhere and sit in traffic to do so. “Sit in traffic” in Los Angeles means something else entirely from “sit in traffic” elsewhere. It could take you 45 minutes or so just to go a couple miles (or worse). Worse, this will have to happen on your time. Maybe you can take a “long lunch” from work or something like that, but if you’re like most people, a car wash eats into your free time.

quality car wash and detail in los angeles

How Long the Car Wash Itself Takes

The above paragraph just dealt with the traffic about getting to a car wash. That’s far from the only time waster that the car wash presents. Even if you do get to the car wash in a reasonable amount of time, then you have to sit through the car wash itself. Either you have to sit idly by as your car goes through the large machine and/or tunnel, or you have to watch your car do that. Some car washes have tried to make this experience a little bit better, by adding WiFi, or a play area for kids or something. However, no one has ever said: “hey, let’s go have a fun time at the car wash.” It’s more wasted time, time that you could spend doing anything else.

Hand Detailing

Say you do, after all, decide to go through with having your car washed by the machines at the car wash. If the machines are good at their job, that’s great. If they aren’t, that could present more problems. For example, if you say “I believe you missed a rain spot there” to a machine, the machine probably isn’t going to hear you and then listen. These car washes might be of good quality, but they can also be quite impersonal, too. That’s why so many people are opting for a hand car wash done by professional detailers.

Detailers with Experience

When you bring in our detailers, they know how to wash cars. Each of our detailers are real pros with real car washing experience. So, they know how to wash your vehicle right. No matter which of our packages you choose, you can get your car washed how you want it washed. That’s what our add-ons are for. We give you the right car wash at the right price.

Indeed, the “right price” is a big factor, for now, our detailing works. See, we have a price assigned to every car, based on size. This isn’t like, some kind of just broad, vague database. It’s actually incredibly detailed. We have several hundred cars in there with assigned prices, going all the way back to cars made in the ’30s. Your car is in our database, almost assuredly. So, that means that you can get a fair price for your vehicle. Instead of having to pay the same price as someone who has a much larger vehicle, you can pay the appropriate price for your car. No one should have to overpay for a car wash, and with MobileWash, you can pay an appropriate price. When you schedule with us, we’ll lock in a price that fits your vehicle and you.

We bring that great car wash you want to you. You don’t have to drive all across LA to get a good car wash. MobileWash brings that car wash to you so that you can enjoy your time away from work. Or, if possible, you can even get the car wash at work. That way, you can have your co-workers also get their cars washed, and get the “bundle” price. You can each pay less for a top-shelf car wash. To see how all of this works for yourself, get started with us today by downloading our app.