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Organize Your Trunk

Organizing the trunk of your car is an essential activity if you wish to maximize the number of items you can fit into an already limited space. With these tips, one should be able to achieve great efficiency of your trunk’s capacity for long road trips and such.

One of the easiest ways to organize your trunk is to simply purchase a multiple compartment organizer. Compartments commonly come in a set of two or three and can be purchased for a very cheap price at most large general stores. Some compartments are flimsy, which are only good for holding items that do not require particular handle and care. For those who find it necessary to carry more durable items, consider a heavy-duty storage box, which can be purchased from most general stores, but should be much more expensive (around the $20+ range) than the nylon ones. Compartmentalization is the most important concept of trunk organization, so think hard about how many you need before you go to the store and about how much you are willing to spend.

If food is going to be stored in the trunk, then consider buying an appropriately-sized cooler and putting ice inside to store foods that need to avoid elevated temperatures. If clothing is going to be stored in the trunk, then usually a large duffel bag will do the job well. Some may wish to not fold certain articles of clothing, and for them, they should buy a large flat rack on which to lay the clothes upon. Things like socks are better off stored in a compartment or a duffel bag.

A roadside assistance kit that contains things like bandages, flashlights, etc. should also be inside of a well-organized trunk for emergency situations. The best place inside of the trunk for the kit is usually the left or right side of the trunk because this is an item that is typically used very infrequently.

When in doubt, a good rule of thumb to follow when organizing your trunk is to place heavier items on the bottom, and lighter objects on top. The reason why this should be done is so that the heavier items cannot crush the lighter, less durable objects. Assembling the contents of the trunk this way will also help ensure that the vehicle handles better while driving due to the better weight distribution of the car. Also, placing heavier objects towards the center of the car is a good way to help out with the car’s weight distribution as well.

Keep these tips in mind when organizing your trunk and you will have a much cleaner and easier life in no time!