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More Ways to Show Love to Your Car

Our last entry here at MobileWash was all about pampering your car for Valentine’s day. But we realize that our entry was getting a little long and we still had a few ideas on how you can show your car a little bit of TLC. You can do more for your vehicle that giving it the Valentine’s Day treatment in order to make your car feel special and run on an optimum level. You can do these additional things to extend the life and performance of your trusted vehicle.


  1. Change your oil.
    This one’s easy. We all know the importance of changing our oil and oil filter. You should be doing this every 5,000 to 7,000 miles anyway. Make sure you’re using the right formula. You might not know it, but you can switch to a heavier-weighted oil during hotter weather conditions, heavier grades like 5W-30 or 10W-30, which will help your vehicle run far more efficiently. Changing your oil filter is instrumental in keeping oil deposits, as well as dirt and dust particles out of your car’s combustion chamber, which can cause costly damage if ignored.
  2. Clean road salt from your undercarriage.
    Winter time can be hard on your vehicle, especially if you’re driving through snow. Even people who live in sunny Southern California have to make interstate trips up north. Just a 6 to 8 hour drive will have you in the mountains, driving in a winter wonderland while road salt is secretly doing some serious damage to your undercarriage. You can either do it with a garden hose or ask your MobileWash on-demand car detailing specialist if they’ll help you out next time you book your deluxe or premium detail package.
  3. Check your tires’ air pressure.
    This one is another seemingly obvious one. Tire pressure (or lack thereof) can seriously affect your gas mileage and tire life, as your vehicle needs to work harder for every mile. Make sure that your tire pressure is up to spec with the recommendations of your vehicle’s manufacturer. Especially check tire pressure when the weather gets cold. Too little or too much air pressure will end up leaving your tires bald on the outsides and on the inside, respectively. You want your tires to last as long as possible, right?
  4. Clean out that junk in your trunk.
    No, we’re not being cheeky here. Carrying too much extra stuff in your trunk will add extra weight to your car and lower your gas mileage, especially during the summer months. You’ll feel better after you get that clutter out of there, anyway. You may also find some stuff you thought you lost, like socks!
  5. Check your radiator cap and your gas cap.
    Not many people will think to do this one on their own. We all take them for granted, actually. Your radiator cap can experience wear and tear over time, lowering the pressure of your cooling system, making the radiator more likely to boil-over as the weather gets hotter. Your gas cap ensures an airtight seal on your gas tank, which will keep harmful gas vapors inside your vehicle’s gas tank, instead of in the air that we all breathe. It’s not just an environmental issue, wasted gas vapor will cost you money. Keep that gas cap on tight or replace it if you have to.
  6. Check your vehicle’s battery and spark plugs.
    These days, spark plugs are well-designed and last a lot longer than previous versions. But, you should still keep them on your mind. Dirty spark plugs can still cause misfiring, which will contribute to reduced fuel economy. Your car battery posts might also be showing accumulation of corrosion, which happens much faster if your battery’s connections aren’t fully secure. Make sure to give your battery posts a little wipe down while you’re getting your ride ready for the summer time. If you battery or plugs are 2 years or older, you might want to consider replacing them.
  7. Stick with MobileWash to keep your vehicle looking amazing, inside and out!
    This one’s perhaps the biggest no-brainer of all. Schedule your next on-demand auto detailing from MobileWash with our convenient app or our online scheduling service. MobileWash is the perfect combination of old fashioned elbow grease and up-to-the-minute technology. We’ll come to your home or business today to give your vehicle the VIP treatment. We look forward to working for you!