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MobileWash Car Maintenance Advice

Car Detailing

Winter can take a toll on your car. Sure, if you’re reading this in southern California, that’s not the same as someone whose car has gone through a New England winter. However, there are certain actions you can take that will help your car regardless of where you live. Besides, even if the weather is generally always pleasant in your area, these are simple car care reminders that can help your car today as well as in the long run. In this blog, we’ll go over some ways that MobileWash employees take care of their cars when spring begins to bloom.

Check Your Windshield Wipers

Windshield wiper blades are one of those parts of the car that it’s easy to take for granted. It seems like they’re always going to be there when you need them. However, over time, they can wear down. This is particularly true if you live in a cold area, where a cycle of freezing then thawing and then freezing again could lead to them cracking. Even in SoCal, you’re going to want quality wipers to deal with the rainfall. A good rule of thumb: consider replacing them at least once a year. Some people even go the extra mile and replace them in the springtime as well as when autumn arrives. Luckily, blades tend to be inexpensive.

mobilewash car maintenance advice

Terrific Tire Treads

One thing most of us definitely never consider are our tire treads. Sure, you know if your tire is running low on air, but you may not be aware if your tread is beginning to wear down too much. Typically, you may want to check your treads every now and then. However, you definitely want to if you’ve driven through plenty of potholes or salt on frozen streets. For those reading this where snow doesn’t fall, you should check your tread if you’ve been through plenty of sand. How do you check your treads? A simple test: get a penny and put it into the treads themselves. Is President Abraham Lincoln’s head visible? If so, that’s a sign the tread has worn down too much and the tires have to go.

Get a Car Wash

A car wash is one of the best ways to make your car ready for the spring. After having to drive through snow, sleet and whatever else the winter brought, a great car wash can help to make your vehicle look that much better in the spring or any other season. Keeping your vehicle clean consistently is a great way to keep the resale value up, too.

MobileWash for your Convenience

With our car wash app, you can get a car wash that won’t throw off your daily schedule. Instead of having to plan everything around a car wash, you can have the car wash come to you. As the only true, genuine on demand car wash out there, we can give you a car wash when you want where you want. To see how it works, download our app. Happy driving!