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Mobile Wash Debuts Online Scheduling Service

On-demand mobile detailing company Mobile Wash has announced the roll-out of its Online Scheduling service, which will make it more convenient for consumers to order a service at the push of a button.

Consumers can now visit www.MobileWash.com to order Mobile Wash’s outstanding mobile detailing services anywhere throughout Southern California seven days a week.

Mobile Wash, a Los Angeles and Orange County-based company, brings the car wash experience to its customers’ home or work. Their new online scheduling feature on Mobilewash.com lets customers enter their vehicle and location information to schedule their mobile wash up to 48 hours in advance where an insured professional detailer will arrive at their doorstep. Consumers will soon be able to order on-demand to have a detailer arrive in minutes through their mobile app.

Mobile Wash has built its business on the precipice that its customers don’t have to wait to get a quality car wash. They no longer have to drive to a brick and mortar location, or take time out of their busy schedule to receive a premium car wash.

Mobile Wash operates on its core values of, “customer appreciation, affordable pricing, and unprecedented ease-of-use.” This tech-savvy company also features a convenient application that customers will soon be able to download on their smartphones, much like Uber or Lyft. Mobile Wash offers custom pricing based on a vehicle’s year, make, and model. With an unbeatable convenience, pricing structure, and quick response, Mobile Wash proudly stands by its motto, “Car Wash in Minutes!”

Mobile Wash’s online scheduling feature is equipped with Facebook integration. It does require customers to sign up and create an account, which will ensure speedier scheduling for future appointments, should customers be satisfied with their car washes.

Companies like Mobile Wash make sure to stay current with technology, integrating their services with social media, making their businesses more and more visible to the consumer, more and more convenient for customers to utilize their services and products. Mobile Wash distinguishes itself as a business by its far-reaching coverage, serving both Los Angeles County and Orange County. Each representative of Mobile Wash is insured, utilizing efficient and eco-friendly techniques in order to bring their services directly to their clients.