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Mobile Car Wash Prices Compared to Regular Car Washes

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You know that a MobileWash car wash is convenient. You know that if you need to get a car wash now, then our mobile car wash app is the way to go. What you may not know is that it’s one of the best ways to save money on a quality car wash, too. We know there are plenty of options for car washes in your area, which is why we do everything we can to make sure that MobileWash stands out. When you look at mobile car wash prices compared to regular car washes, MobileWash comes out ahead.


Mobile Car Wash Prices

At MobileWash, our car wash pricing is dynamic. Sure, you can get an “Express” car wash that starts at $22.99, a “Deluxe” that starts at $28.99 and a “Premium” that starts at $64.99. It’s the phrase “starts at” where the dynamism comes in. See, every vehicle is different. An enormous SUV, Hummer, or something that was originally built to power through the desert, is going to be a different size than a Prius, Smart Car, or some kind of sedan. Those kinds of vehicles are wildly different in size. So, why should they have the same price of a car wash?

mobile car wash prices compared

In our MobileWash database, we have a set price for basically each kind of vehicle ever made. Seriously, our database goes back to essentially the beginning of the mass-produced automobile. That way, we’re giving our customers a fair car wash price. If you have a smaller vehicle, you don’t have to pay a bigger price. You pay a fair price for the size of your vehicle. That way, everyone who gets a MobileWash car wash gets one at a price that’s reasonable. We see it as one more way to serve our customers.


Traditional, Standard Car Washes

If you search for “car wash in my area” or something like that, you’ll probably find some car washes not terribly far from where you are. You may even be able to find car washes that are at a lower price than what we offer here at MobileWash. However, it’s important to remember that the price of a traditional car wash is not everything that you’ll have to pay. You’ll burn gas driving over to the car wash, and you’ll burn more as the car goes through the car wash as well. That doesn’t happen with our convenient car wash.


Qualified Car Washers

The old cliché “you get what you pay for” is always applicable to car washes. If you choose to go with the car wash in your neighborhood, maybe they get their car washers. Perhaps they check them each out, making sure that each is highly qualified to be auto detailers. However, we imagine they don’t go nearly as far as we do here at MobileWash. Before any auto detailer gets the right to have the MobileWash decal on the side of their vehicle, before they’re allowed to wash anyone else’s car, we vet them thoroughly and completely. That’s why we make sure that only the best, most qualified detailers work for us.


The Price of Freedom

Of course, when you take your vehicle to a car wash, even one that’s in your neighborhood, that’s the thing – you have to take it there. That means that you have to get into your vehicle, drive over there, sit in traffic, wait in line, wait even longer for it to get washed and dried, and then drive it home. Just typing all of that out in one sentence was kind of tiring, much less having to go through it in real life. While you may save a couple of bucks in terms of money (which is not at all guaranteed) you will certainly be sacrificing quite a bit of time.

With MobileWash convenience, you won’t have to spend any of that time at the car wash. Indeed, we offer freedom. You can watch our pro auto detailers wash your car, but you certainly don’t have to. You can multitask. Indeed, some of our best customers are people who work quite a bit so they can get even more work done while making sure that their vehicle looks its best.

That being said, our most consistent customers are stay at home parents, who can watch the kids while their car gets looking its very best. If you’ve heard the phrase that “time is money,” then MobileWash can help you to save quite a bit of both. Whether you want the Express, Deluxe or Premium, we have a mobile car wash (as well as the add-ons) that can make your vehicle look exactly how you want it to look at a price you can afford. To see all of our options, download our app for Android or Apple devices.