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Low Mobile Car Wash Prices in Los Angeles

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We know that you have many different options for car washes in the Los Angeles area. We have found that you have very few low priced options for car washes in the area. Many of the car washes in southern California are quite expensive. When we say “expensive,” we’re pointing out just the prices themselves, and not the additional expenses that can come along with those car washes. In this blog, we’ll show how our mobile car wash prices in Los Angeles are less than if you were to go elsewhere.

Mobile Car Wash Prices in Los Angeles: Hidden Fees

When many of us are calculating the price of a car wash, we tend to look just at the price. However, that’s not all that you’re giving up to have your car washed at that location. You also have to consider the travel. Driving there is going to take gas. It will also have (just a bit) but some wear and tear on your vehicle. On top of that, it’s going to take some time, too. In Los Angeles, there’s almost always heavy traffic, day and night. So, you may have to rearrange your work schedule, or take time away from other activities that you like (friends, family and so forth) just to get a car wash in. If you do decide to go on a weekend, there could be long lines. If you go early in the morning, you may have to rearrange the previous night’s schedule, or get less sleep than you’d like.

A More Convenient Option

MobileWash enables you to not have to worry about any of the problems in the previous paragraph. Instead, you can have a car wash that comes entirely to you. You don’t have to drive somewhere, so you won’t have to waste any gas. As this car wash is for you and you alone, you certainly won’t have to wait in any kind of line. Our car wash operates 365 days a year, so you can schedule it around your needs. You can actually do your job or spend time with friends and family while your vehicle is being washed. In addition to our low prices, the amount of time you can save is certainly quite valuable.

mobile car wash prices in los angeles

Our Low Prices

That being said, our prices are quite low as well. The Express wash, our fastest wash that covers just the exterior, starts at $22.99. The Deluxe wash, which does the interior as well as the exterior, starts at $28.99. That’s our most popular car wash, as it covers the entire car. For the most extensive car wash, which covers absolutely everything, you’ll want our “Premium” wash, which starts at $64.99. Those prices are competitive with and lower than basically all of the other car washes that you may find in the Los Angeles area. Of course, you can also get low-priced add-ons to these car washes as well to make them totally fit your vehicle.

High Quality Car Wash

For that low price you will get a top quality car wash. We manage to merge a low price with a high caliber car wash. Each of our professional detailers are true experts with real experience. Moreover, they’ve been through a rigorous background check and are fully insured. Backed with a top notch support system, you’re sure to get a car wash that completely meets the needs of you and your vehicle.

On top of that, we made sure that our car wash is also individualized by make and model. Not every vehicle should have to pay the same price for car wash.  So, with our customizable payment options, you’ll pay based on the size of your vehicle. You won’t pay more for larger vehicles, but the makes and models of some vehicles will cost less for a car wash. It’s one more way that we make our system more responsive to our users. Another place where we can save our customers time is in the actual process of ordering a car wash. We make it as easy as ordering food or a ride share. All you have to do is download our app, type in your address, pick the nearest washer, and you’re good.

To round out this discussion of our prices, we have to mention our discounts. We’re always looking for ways to offer our customers lower prices, so we change up our discounts frequently. As of this writing, we’re offering $2 off of every fifth car you have washed. It’s important to note that you can get multiple cars washed at once. If you bundle two or more cars washed at once, you can save $1 or more. These discounts change often, so you’ll want to check our site frequently. You can download our app right here.