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How to Remove a Dent from Your Car

When an obstacle or road hazard smashes the exterior housing on a vehicle and generates a dent, a typical a motorist visits a professional auto shop for dent repair services. Although professional options are effective, there are easy ways to fix general dents without working with a seasoned dent repair team.


A traditional plunger that has a wide suction cup can remove a small dent or a medium dent. In order to use this tool, you’ll have to cover the dented spot on the automobile housing with water. Then, before the liquid dries, mount the plunger over the dented area. As you pull the plunger in the opposite direction, the water will produce suction, and the pressure will gradually pop the dent.

Many stores sell two unique plunger designs, and you must select a proper product in order to get rid of automotive dents. For most dent removal jobs, you’ll need a plunger that’s designed for sinks. A flange plunger has a shape that fits in a toilet, so it won’t provide reliable results during an automotive repair project.

Boiling Water

Boiling water can help you get rid of a dent that’s found on a bumper. For this task, you must bring a pot of water to a boil. Then, strategically toss the water on the spot where the dent is located. Immediately after the water soaks the material, reach behind the flawed zone and apply pressure. This strategy should pop out the dent because the heat of the water will weaken the material. In the weaken state, you’ll have no problems flexing and popping the dent.


Pops-a-Dent is a tool that gives consumers the ability to remove minor dents on various zones on exterior surfaces. This accessory can eliminate dents that are caused by:

  • Fender benders
  • Shopping cart collisions
  • Environmental damage

The Pops-a-Dent device is easy to use, and a typical automobile owner can pop out a minor flaw without applying a lot of pressure. All of the torque that you’ll need can be generated effortlessly after the tool is mounted over a dent while against a car’s foundation. Removal routines are simple because this tool has suction cups that provide a firm grip. After the cups are secured in place, you’ll only have to press the main piece in the center of the gadget against the dent. Then, by twisting the special mechanism, the product will remove the dent.

If your car or truck has a ding, a Pops-a-Dent can correct this problem as well. Because dings aren’t very deep, a Pops-a-Dent tool can remove this kind of flaw quickly.