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How to Protect Your Car Paint From Peeling

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All new vehicles come with a clear coat that is designed to do two things. The first is to simply make the vehicle look better. A clear coat makes the paint sparkle and gives the vehicle that new look that everyone loves. But a clear coat is also designed to protect the paint underneath. An intact clear coat protects the paint job from fading due to the harsh rays of the sun. It protects the paint from discoloration due to dirt, road contaminants, rain, and snow. It also serves as the first defense against rust.

But it can be surprisingly easy to ruin your car’s clear coat and paint. And once it is damaged you have the choice of either paying to get a new clear-cut put on or allowing your vehicle’s paint job to fade away or begin to peel. So how do you prevent the peeling of your car’s clear coat and the paint underneath?


Here are a few suggestions:


Stay Away From Cheap or Inappropriate Car Wash Products

It’s not uncommon to see someone in their driveway carefully washing their vehicle using household cleaners or some no-name generic car wash product. These products can contain harsh cleaning solutions and chemicals that can damage your valued car’s clear coat and hasten the fading of the car’s paint job.


Don’t Go to an Automatic Car Wash

Automated car washes have a myriad of ways to damage your car’s paint job. The fast-moving giant brushes can scratch and damage the finish. These car washes use harsh soaps and cleaners that make your car look great, but can also damage the clear coat. And those high-pressure streams of water that clean your car so well can also peel off your clear coat and paint like it’s the skin of an apple.


Wax Your Car on a Regular Basis

Many people believe that new vehicles or those with a nice clear coat don’t need to be waxed. But the truth is that waxing your car offers another layer of protection for your car and it can help protect your clear coat from peeling damage due to the elements.

But the best way to protect your car’s paint and clear coat is by using a mobile car wash service like MobileWash. We are the leader in on-demand mobile detailing services and our insured washers are trained to provide a thorough car cleaning and detailing while staying away from all of those paint-damaging techniques you have to worry about in a commercial car wash.



Why MobileWash

MobileWash has the largest network of professional auto detailers in America. With MobileWash you can rest assured that your vehicle will always be taken care of with the utmost level of quality. Not only will continual auto detailing prolong the life of your vehicle, but it will also keep it in keen condition when the time arrives to sell it for profit.

When it comes to professionals, they understand the difference between a standard and prime auto detailing service. Here at MobileWash we only work with the best service providers. You will never have to worry about brick and mortar shops potentially ruining your vehicle ever again. Now you can experience a true hand car wash and proper mobile car detailing service.