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How to Protect Your Car from Sun Damage

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Although many are aware of damage to vehicles caused by extreme weather events and road conditions, relatively few are aware of damage associated with sun exposure. Sun can wreak havoc on the exterior and interior of your car, but there are steps you can take to mitigate these concerns.

Steps to Protect Exterior

  1. Wash Thoroughly – Washing your vehicle frequently can reduce the damaging effects of sun exposure. Washing your vehicle helps to remove dirt and dust, which can cause scratches and abrasions on your car’s surface.
  2. Check Your Tires – Excessive heat, particularly when tires are deflated, can cause damage to sidewalls and cracks to form in rubber. Check the recommended pressure of your tire (usually featured on the sidewall) and fill tires adequately to make sure you do not have a blowout while driving down the road.
  3. Wax Your Vehicle – A thin coat of wax can go a long way in reflecting harmful rays and ensure the prolonged life of your paint job. Try to wax your vehicle every couple of months for improved protection.

Steps to Protect Interior

  1. Purchase a Windshield Sun Protector – Windshield sun protectors are composed of a material that helps to reflect harmful UV rays. Protectors are placed in the windshield while not operating the vehicle to help reflect light that can damage car interiors. The added benefit is that sun protectors or sun shield help to defend against excessive heat in a vehicle generated by sun exposure.
  2. Park in Shaded Areas – As much as possible, try to park your vehicle under secure shaded areas, like garages or carports. When possible, leave the windows cracked slightly to offset excessive heat in the vehicle.
  3. Put Covers on Your Seats – Cheap seat covers can be purchased at various stores. Seat covers help to prevent the bleaching of seat fabric and can also help protect against stains.
  4. Clean Car Interior – Leather surfaces are especially prone to sun damage. Make sure you clean your seats with leather safe materials to help protect against sun exposure.

Steps to Protect Your Engine

  1. Check Coolant and Fluid Levels – Get oil changes regularly and have a service technician check to make sure you have adequate coolant in your vehicle. Excessive heat can wreak havoc on your engine. As much as possible, make sure your vehicle is in good running condition before traveling down the road.
  2. Inspect Your Battery – Batteries are impacted by extreme heat and cold. Air conditioning can also put a lot of strain on batteries. You can do a visual inspection of your battery to check for corrosion or leaks and replace the battery if you notice electrical issues.

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Taking these steps will help to ensure that you are safe and comfortable on the road, and will also dramatically extend the life of your vehicle.

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