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How To Deal with Dirt and Rust on your Vehicle

We live in a very dirty world. Our cars are constantly being bombarded with everything from acid rain to bird attacks. The roads are full of sand and debris. Mother Nature is perpetually spinning a web of organic matter to cover your car and deteriorate your paint. Thankfully, the cars of today have developed a great deal of paint and rust protection.

If you regularly apply or maintain a Carnauba hard wax on your vehicle, you are protected. A solid wax will protect your car from the debris in the air, the dulling effects of sunlight, and from acid rain. Even with waxing, it is still important to regularly have your car washed and detailed to mitigate the impact of our chaotic environment.

Never take your car through an automatic car wash. These machines will strip off any hard wax and erode the sheen of your paint job with the high-pressure water treatments. The best solution for the convenience of a car wash with the care of a custom detailing service comes together in the apex service called MobileWash.

Frequently having your car washed and waxed by a professional is the only way to protect your large investment in this hectic world. Few people have time to sit around at a car detailer shop on their day off, hoping the line isn’t too long. If you could schedule your car to be washed while you cook dinner or relax after a long day at work, your car would receive the care it needs to prevent rust and deterioration.

If you could have your auto look like the day it rolled off the lot for the rest of the time you owned it, you’d be the envy of the neighborhood. While other people are letting their vehicles dissolve into the abyss of chaos swirling about the city streets, you will be shining like gold from front to end. Don’t let the daily grind wear down you and your vehicle at the same time. It only takes the erosion of a thin layer of protective paint or undercoating to create a rust problem in your vehicle.

Water is a very peculiar element that has a tendency to seep like no other fluid. If you neglect the maintenance of your vehicle and allow the grime to work a path for water to flow, you could rust the body in a few months. Many domestic cars come straight from the factory with disposable exhaust parts that already look rusted on the showroom floor. It doesn’t take much to begin the oxidation process in the harsh desert cityscapes.

Airplanes are waxed with the same grade of automotive Carnauba waxes to both improve their aerodynamics and protect the finish. Thanks to the theory of relativity, even small particles increase in mass as the speeds increase. When you are shuffling along at 70 MPH, those little tiny crystals of silicon (sand) will turn into big rocks of glass. Thankfully, the hard wax likewise forms this weighty mass of a barrier against the sand, retaining that glossy finish. Washing and waxing your car regularly will prevent both dirt and rust from ruining your reputation.