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How to Clean Tinted Windows

Tinted windows are a feature that can be added to your automobile or it can come factory installed. The tint on the windshield can be a strip at the top that comes up to the front top of the car. The entire front can also be tinted. The purpose of tinted windows is to provide protection from the sun. Think of tinted windows as giant sunglasses. You add tinted sunglasses taking a thin sheet of tinted film. The film is heated to fit the inside of the front windshield glass. Once you have tinted windows, you then have to know how to clean the windows. You have to understand how cleaning tinted windows differs from cleaning regular automobile glass.

Cleaning tinted windows is a tricky proposition. You have to avoid any bubbles or peeling of the tinted film. Unfortunately, once you have bubbles or peeling it is difficult to reverse the process. Once the tint starts to go it will be extremely difficult to remedy the problem. The most likely result is the loss of the tint.

The key word in cleaning tinted windows is careful. You have to use the right products and you have to clean slowly to avoid making any mistakes. If at all possible, clean the windows out of the sun’s glare. The cooler it is, the slower the windows dry. This benefits tinted windows. Many people recommend using microfiber towels. They are softer and in general absorb more water than a regular towel. Make sure you have two available. You need one for washing and another towel for drying.

In general, it is good advice to clean your tinted windows last. This is done in case you get any substances on the tint while you are cleaning the other parts of your vehicle. Try soap without ammonia. It will work better with your tinted glass. Finally, avoid the edges of the tint. That is where problems arise first with bubbles. It is also where peeling begins.

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Check to see if MobileWash is available in your area. If it is, give them a try. In any event, be careful with those tinted windows. The extra time you spend will pay dividends when the tint lasts a long time.