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How to Clean Car Tires

An often overlooked process in washing the exterior of your car involves cleaning car tires. Cleaning your vehicle tires can help take your car to the next level and protect against damage to the tire’s surface. Mobile car detailing services offer a cheap alternative and experienced car detailers will know how to restore the shine and life of your tires.

Step 1: Pre-washing

Begin by pre-washing your tires and removing any large debris or dirt on the tires and rims. Scrubbing the tire with water and a tire brush can help free up dirt associated with road travel and brake rust.

Step 2: Apply a Suitable Cleaner

There are many cleaning products on the market that are designed specifically for tires. It is not recommended that you use standard car cleaning products on your vehicle tires, as these products often do not sufficiently remove stains and can cause damage to tires.

Apply the cleaner to your tire and wait the time recommended on the bottle. Generally, tire wet and other products need to be applied for 10-15 minutes.

Step 3: Use a Brush to Thoroughly Scrub Tires

Pick a strong, but soft brush to clean tires. If possible, choose a brush with an extended grip or handle to prevent excessive exposure to harsh cleaning agents. Scrub tires thoroughly, beginning with the rims and moving in circles to the exterior of the tires. Do not apply cleaner or brush to tread surface of the tire, which can cause the tire to slip in certain driving conditions.

For the best results, clean tires one at a time.

Step 4: Rinse Tires Thoroughly

Make sure to rinse all excess soap off tires. Spray tires with a hose to remove dirt and foam from the tire.

Step 5: Dry Tires

Once you have thoroughly cleaned the tires, make sure to dry with a cloth in order to avoid water spots and streaking.

Step 6: Protect Your Tires with Wax or Glaze

As a finishing step to protecting your tires, you will want to apply wax or glaze products. Waxes help with water run-off and can add a nice sheen to tires. Many products can be applied with spray, but for improved success use a pad to evenly distribute formulas.

Qualified car detailers can help deliver much-needed finishing touches to vehicles. MobileWash offers custom mobile car detailing services designed to meet your need and make sure that the next time your car leaves the driveway you are rolling in style.