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How Often Should You Wash Your Car?

Mobile washer rinsing soap off a customers car. How often should you was your car?

Jack, classic car restorer and longtime owner of a busy detail shop says you should wash your car about every ten days. Here’s why: In a little over a week’s time, your car has accumulated dust, grime, and soil from the road, from the air, and even from those winged creatures above and around you! From the good feeling you have while driving a clean car to the better visibility when your windows are clean to the opportunity, it gives you to troubleshoot any issues, to keeping your car top-notch both in value and functionality, it is well worth your time and effort to do so.

A Clean Car Helps Your Appearance

Whether you are taking someone out on a date or a client to view a house for sale, you will impress your passenger with a car that is clean and vacuumed. As well, getting in and out of a dirty car can get your clothing (or your passenger’s) smudged, especially if you’re wearing white.

You feel much better about yourself driving a clean car, knowing that people may look at you more positively for doing so. Landlords, in fact, tend to look at the cars of prospective tenants to determine how well they will keep up an apartment or house.

Your Visibility is Improved

It doesn’t take long for windows to get dusty and grimy, but a recent car washing helps you to notice your surroundings more clearly when all your windows are clean. Your safety is important. Again, the happiness of your passengers comes into account as they are able to look out through clean windows.

You Stay More in Tune With Your Car’s Condition

Whether you are washing your car yourself or having someone else do it for you, when you have a freshly cleaned car is the best time to inspect it. Perhaps you hadn’t realized that right rear tire is low, there’s a crack in the glass, chip in the paint, or an emblem coming loose. Any of these problems are best dealt with as soon as possible after being noticed.

Protecting Your Car A vehicle after a MobileWash auto detail, car cleaning to protect your vehicle.

You can maintain the value of your car with regular washing. For starters, the finish suffers from being coated with dirt and grime. It will deteriorate much more quickly if not washed regularly. It can oxidize (become dull and hazy) or even be pitted and stained from having been exposed to caustic chemicals like a spilled coke or organic substances like bird droppings or tree sap. Regular washing will help to maintain your car’s beautiful finish and, at the same time, prevent you from getting discouraged and trading it in or spending a lot of money on a new paint job.


While the body of your car is protected and made more beautiful by being washed, the undercarriage actually benefits, too! Ever notice your brakes squeaking after a number of hot, dry, and dusty days? Undercarriage washing will take care of that brake dust buildup.

Remember — your best bet is to wash your car about every ten days, to keep it beautiful and protected.