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How often should you really wash your car?

Washing your car offers more than just aesthetic benefits; it also protects the paint and clear coat from damage. Overlooking this otherwise common form of automotive maintenance will result in damage to your car’s exterior. When dirt and debris stick to your car’s exterior, it eats away at the paint and clear coat. Although every vehicle could benefit from a weekly wash, the following factors will help you determine just how often you should wash:



There are a few things to consider when determining how often you should wash your car, one of which is where you park. If you park in a covered garage, for instance, you won’t need to wash your car as often as you would parking outdoors. A covered garage will protect your car from dirt, dust and insects. Parking outdoors, on the other hand, leaves your car vulnerable to these elements. If you are parking outside, it is suggested that you wash your car more often than those with protected parking.



The weather also plays as a factor in the timeline of washing your vehicle. Contrary to popular belief, rain isn’t beneficial for your car’s exterior. When rain falls, it accumulates airborne pollutants. When it finally reaches the ground, it’s no longer pure water but rather a cocktail of compounds, some of which can harm your car’s exterior. Therefore, you should wash your car shortly after it rains to remove these compounds.


Snow is another concern for your car’s paint. Like rain, snow often contains pollutants and compounds that can damage your car’s exterior. Furthermore, when it snows, road crews typically treat the roads with salt. While effective at melting ice, this salt is highly abrasive and will eat away at your car’s paint. Although it is tough to wash your car after it snows because of the harsh temperatures, it is necessary. If you want to avoid going to get your car washed, you should hire MobileWash to come to you to clean your vehicle!



The more time you spend behind the wheel, the more frequently you’ll need to wash your car. According to a study conducted by Harvard Health Watch, the average person spends 101 minutes driving each day. Someone who works from home, however, may only drive for 20 or 30 minutes each day. Therefore, they won’t need to wash their car as often as the average commuter.


Two Weeks

By taking into account where you park, the weather and your commute times, you should be able to determine an appropriate car washing schedule. With that said, it is recommended on average to wash your car at least every two weeks, and wax your car every three months. By following this schedule, you’ll preserve your car’s paint job for many years to come.


Thankfully, you don’t have to wash your car yourself, nor do you have to drive to a local car wash. MobileWash is Los Angeles’ premier mobile car washing service. One of their professional automotive detailers will visit you to clean and wash your car as often as necessary.