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How Often Does My Car Need Wax?

Waxing your car gives it a beautiful glow and protects your paint. The frequency of waxing depends entirely on how often you drive your car and if it is sheltered from the elements. A car that is stored in a garage will need to be waxed less often than a car that sits in the driveway.

Sheltered Vehicles

If you normally park your car in a garage or a car shelter, you can get away with waxing it less often. If you keep your vehicle outside and drive it frequently, we recommend having your vehicle waxed regularly. If your car is frequently exposed to sand, road salt, snow or rain, then you should download the MobileWash app and have the professionals wax it for you every month or two.

Waxing for Normal Driving Situations

Waxing your car is one of the best ways to protect your vehicle from environmental hazards and the elements. Wax preserves the car and makes it easier to clean. It basically creates a layer of protection between the paint job and the environment. If you forget to wax your car, your car’s paint may fade. Over time, it also has a higher chance of suffering from cosmetic damage.

For the typical vehicle, it is suggested to have it waxed about every three months. At the very least, a car should be waxed twice a year. It should be waxed before the summertime to protect it from harmful UV rays. Then, it should be waxed before wintertime to protect it from the harsh elements.

Does Your Car Need to Be Waxed?

If you cannot remember when you waxed your car last, there is an easy way to check. Take a small amount of water and splash it on the car. If the water beads up, then you do not need to wax it. If it does not bead up, then you need to wax it again.

Protecting Your Vehicle

In between waxing your car, you also need to regularly wash it. Bug splatters and tar need to be removed from the car. You should also make sure that you are waxing the vehicle by hand. Many car washes will spray your vehicle with wax, but this is not enough. This is just a thin application that may only last for a couple of weeks.

Waxing is incredibly important for protecting your car from the elements. Harsh weather, UV rays, industrial pollution, bird droppings, tree sap and vehicular pollution can all damage your vehicle. If you wax your car, the wax is a protective layer that makes dirt easier to remove. When your car is not waxed properly, you risk damaging the paint when you must scrub off hardened dirt.

Before you wax your vehicle, you should look at the MobileWash app. This service will clean, wash, and wax your vehicle from the comfort of your home or workplace. The app is convenient and easy to use, and they will get your vehicle waxed and keep it safe from the elements.