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Hit the Gas on a Car Wash near Pomona

MobileWash washer spraying down a truck and its rims for a quality mobile car detailing.

If there’s one city in California synonymous with speed, it’s Pomona. Pomona is the home of what was called the “Pomona Raceway,” since changed to the “NHRA Auto Club Raceway at Pomona.” That’s where they host the Winternationals drag racing competition, where the fastest cars go head to head. Pomona has quite a history with cars, as the annual Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car Show is held there as well. MobileWash has auto detailers to give you a car wash near Pomona right now to make your vehicle look sleek and stylish on the road.

Car Wash near Pomona Dynamic Pricing

If you’ve never been to the Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car Show and you have an interest in classic cars, you absolutely should go. You’ll see incredible classic cars there you wouldn’t see anywhere else. The finest muscle cars, the true antiques, the space-age technological marvels and everything in between – they’re all there. No matter what kind of car you have, it’s different from any other car. That’s a big reason why we believe in dynamic pricing here at MobileWash.

See, with our dynamic pricing, every kind of car has a different price. We don’t believe that an enormous, off-road vehicle should cost as much to get washed as a Smart Car. They’re two entirely different things, with two entirely different sizes. So, our dynamic pricing has separate prices for hundreds of different kinds of cars which go back to the very beginning of the automobile. Your vehicle is, in all likelihood, in our database. That means that we can give you a car wash that’s appropriately priced for you. No one should have to pay too much for a car wash, in Pomona or anywhere else.

a car wash near pomona

NHRA Motorsports Museum

In addition to the raceway, the National Hot Rod Association also has their motorsports museum here, too. These are some of the absolute fastest vehicles to have ever been made by mankind. Now, your car may not be setting any world speed records, but you want it to run well and last a long time. Some people don’t realize this, but a car wash can help with that. By getting your car washed often, you can help the resale value. In some cases, cleaning it can even help with the gas mileage. There are many reasons to get your vehicle washed that go far beyond the aesthetics. That being said…

Car Wash to Make your Car Shine

The aesthetics are important. Pomona is an area that knows cars. The people here understand cars deeply. So, they’re going to notice your car. The cleanliness of your car makes an impression. It can be a good one, or it can be a not so good one. We understand how busy everyone is, and how it’s not at all easy to fit a car wash into your weekly (or even monthly) schedule. That’s where MobileWash comes in. We can give you a top-notch car wash without you having to break your entire schedule to do so.

Car Wash where you are

If you’ve watched professional motorsports for any length of time, then you’ve probably seen the pit crew. They’re trained professionals who run out, do a fast yet thorough and comprehensive job fixing a car, and then send it out on its way. Having your own pit crew would be pretty cool (it would cost thousands of dollars, and it may not be worth it if your primary reasons for transportation are going to/from work and driving around your family, but it would still be pretty cool).

While you may not have a pit crew, with MobileWash, you can have a car wash that functions as a pit crew would. Instead of having to drive somewhere to get your car washed, just like a pit crew, we have our car washers come to you. Also, like the pit crew, they have everything they need to do a thorough and comprehensive job fast. Best of all, you can watch our pros wash your vehicle, or you can go into the house, you can play around on the internet, you can do anything that you want. MobileWash gives you the car wash you want with the freedom you’d prefer.

You don’t have to be a pro funny car driver to want a car that looks great in Pomona. You can sit inside and watches the races with your friends and family while our pro auto detailers make sure that your car looks utterly fantastic. Alternately, you can get your work done while our auto detailers wash your car on the inside and out to the highest standard. You can download our MobileWash app for Android and Apple devices and then choose the right car wash for your vehicle in Pomona.