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Handwash Your Car For a Cruise Through Glendale

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Getting your car hand washed has plenty of benefits and sitting in a line of vehicles waiting for someone to wipe it down can be a big waste of time. If you want to spend your time doing something more exciting like finding a great place to chow down for lunch just download the app MobileWash. Putting your car through an automatic car wash doesn’t provide the attention to detail you’ll find with a hand washed car. If you want to have more time to enjoy a meal or explore a new spot to eat you’ll be set with Mobile Wash. We love food just as much as the next person so, we’ve compiled a little list of the best places to eat in Glendale. You can spend some leisurely time enjoying new foods knowing that your car is scheduled for detailed cleaning and you won’t have to spend time doing it yourself. More time on your hands means more food in your hands, that a win-win!

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If you want a really good steak and fine dining experience you can head over to Bourbon Steak 237 S Brand Blvd. They’re a contemporary and classic restaurant that’s rooted in the traditions for a great steak house. They offer a piano bar and refreshing, inventive drinks. You’ll also find a “Japanese Whisky Cart” as well as Michael Mina’s ‘signature’ Lobster Pot Pie. The review rave of a beautiful setting with linen table clothes and spacious booth seating. You’ll also experience a service that is ‘top-notch’ and ‘personal’. You’ll leave with a belly that’s full of some of the best food in town.

Steak dinner not your thing? If you want something a little more exotic you can try Din Tai Fung Dumpling House on 177 Caruso Avenue. This spot specializes in all sorts of hand made dumplings and it not to be compared to an average Chinese take out joint. Staff is quoted as being ‘insanely knowledgeable’ about the dishes they serve. If you’re a frequent traveler and love you experience here you can also visit their Singapore and Tokyo locations for the same service and delicious bites.

If you’re on the prowl for cheap but delicious eats you can pop over to Pecos Bill’s BarBQue on 1551 Victory Blvd. Pecos is quoted as being the ‘best food ever’ by one reviewer. They serve barbeque that’s got the perfect sauces and some diners have been going for decades. One customer said they can remember visiting Pecos Bill’s like a kid in the 50s. So, if you want some Glendale BBQ which reputation proceed’s itself you can stop by Pecos for a great bite.

There are plenty of dining options throughout Glendale and these three only scratch the surface of a long list of places. No matter where you decide to go you can always schedule your hand car wash in Glendale at your convenience before hitting the town for a delicious bite to eat. Download the app, MobileWash. Today, to schedule a cleaning and then reserve a table at a new spot in Glendale with a car in prime condition.