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Hand Car Wash near Santa Ana on Holidays

A Jeep SUV, covered in soap foam, in the middle of a MobileWash car cleaning.

There are all sorts of reasons that you would want your car washed. It’s good for your car’s resale value, for one. If you go too long without getting your car washed, it can take a significant toll on your car’s paint job. In turn, that can make your car look so much worse. You want to get consistent car washes so that it maintains its original luster. Of course, it’s not always easy to fit a car wash into your schedule. That’s where MobileWash comes in.  Our hand car wash near Santa Ana is open every day.

Everyday Hand Car Wash near Santa Ana

Most people who work during the week think at one point or another: “OK, I’ll get a car wash on a weekend.” Unfortunately, so many others who work during the week have the same idea. So, going to a car wash on a weekend takes an incredible amount of time. Getting through the traffic is one thing, waiting through the line to get your car washed is another. By the time your car wash is done, sure it might look nicer, but you lost a significant part of your day (if not several hours of it). That’s bad enough every day, but on a weekend, it can feel like you’ve lost quite a bit. MobileWash makes sure this doesn’t happen by bringing the car wash to you.

hand car wash near santa ana

Car Wash in the Morning/Coming Home from Work

This is the other way that people hope to fit a car wash into their schedule: doing so very early in the morning or late at night. Again, many others have the same idea, so waiting in line can be a problem. That’s especially true if you plan on doing it before work and then find that getting a car wash makes you late for your job. That’s enough to make anyone resent even the best car wash.

The same goes for if you plan to get your car wash as your return home from work. Depending on your hours, this might not even be feasible. If the car wash closes, if you get caught in traffic, then it’s one more day that you can’t get your car washed. By that same token, you’re liable to be exhausted. After all, you’ve just worked for a full day. The last thing you probably want to do is one more thing before you can go home. So many of us, even when we plan to get a car wash after work, just blow it off so that we can go home.

MobileWash Solutions

With MobileWash, you can get your car wash when you want during the day. That means that you can get your car wash at work. No more waking up early on weekdays or even during weekends for a car wash. No more waiting in line for your car to be washed. No more driving home after a long day at work and having to put off seeing your family just to go get your car washed. On top of that, there’s also no more “car wash closed on a holiday.”

See, MobileWash is never closed. So, you can get a car wash when you want it, even if you want it on a major holiday. As of this writing, it’s mid-April. Easter is fast approaching. For many, this is a holiday to spend with family. Beyond that, it’s also a holiday to dress up nice, to put on formal clothes. No one wants to put on their formal clothes to ride in a car that hasn’t been washed in months or more. That’s where MobileWash comes in.

Even on a major holiday, you could get a car wash. There may be professional auto detailers out on the road who can give your car the car wash you want on the day you want it. It even makes a great gift on days like Mother’s Day. On Memorial Day weekend, you can enjoy a cookout with your family and friends while your car is enjoying a thorough wash. Whether you’re planning a big party for Cinco de Mayo, or putting on your Jedi best Star Wars Day, MobileWash is open on holidays, so that your car can look great any day of the year.

Enjoy your Holidays and you Vehicle

A holiday should be a time of rest and relaxation. Having a cleaner car can give you peace of mind. After all, no one likes to drive around with a cluttered car, filled with grime, dust, crumbs and worse. MobileWash can bring professional auto detailers to your car whenever you want. All you have to do is download our app for Android and Apple. If you click on “Wash Now,” you can have auto detailers out to you promptly. A clean car looks great any day of the year!