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Getting your Ride Ready For Winter

Mobile Wash would like to remind all of you drivers out there that change in weather doesn’t just require putting on a windbreaker or slapping on a beanie and scarf. Climate changes can also drastically affect your trusty vehicle. Sure, California doesn’t really go through crippling winters, but you can’t expect your car to function properly without giving some of your attention to its winter needs, too. Here are some pointers:

Engine Oil

It’s important for you to switch over your oil, providing your car with proper fluids during the winter months. If you live anywhere that temperatures get below freezing at any point of the day or night, switch over to a thinner oil type. If you normally run a 10W-30 in the summertime, then try switching it up to a 5W-30 when the seasons shift into the fall, leading into winter. Of course, refer to your vehicle owner’s manual or manufacturer to be certain.


Coolant is an important consideration during the summer in this region, to be certain. But it’s also vital that you protect your vehicle’s valuable engine against persistent corrosion. In the fall, right before the weather gets too cold, be sure you are using coolant with ethylene glycol to help protect your engine.

Keep Your Battery In Check!

Take the time to conduct an inspection of your battery with due diligence. Check your cables, terminals, and fluid to ensure that your car is ready for the winter.

Check over your battery’s cables for cracks and breaks that will only worsen during shifts in the weather. Be certain that there are no loose connections. Check your battery fluid by uncovering the refill hole(s). If you can see that the level is below the bottom of the cap, then refill it with distilled water.

We’re going to skip snow tires, since we live in Southern California. If we do indeed have a snowy winter, you can mount tires with better grip. Visit your favorite tire store or auto center and ask a specialist what they recommend for your vehicle.


Refill your windshield washer fluid and make sure that your wiper blades are fully functional. During times of rain or in the rare instance of snow, other cars and trucks will be kicking up dirt and grime onto your windshield. Take initiative and protect your visibility, both for yourself and for other people on the road.

Mobile Wash wants to make sure you’re driving safe and sound on the streets and highways this fall and winter. If you take these sensible and reasonable precautions, your car will thank you by performing at its most optimum capacity.

Also, give Mobile Wash a call (or use our trusty app) when your car gets dirty (trust us, it will), and we’ll come to wherever you are to give it a makeover. We’re only a phone call or a press of a button away.