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Getting Car Interior Cleaning in Santa Ana

MobileWash washers hand washing the exterior of a white car.

For many of us in Santa Ana and elsewhere in southern California, we spend quite a bit of our lives in our cars. Between traffic, parking, traffic, heading to the beach, traffic, sitting under the stars and sitting in traffic, you probably spend more time in your car than you think. We all do everything we can to keep our cars clean (or, at least we think we do) but sooner or later, for all of us, the interior doesn’t look like we’d hope. Maybe we have wrappers, crumbs and empty bottles everywhere. Alternately, perhaps our kids and pets make their own special, beloved kind of a mess. No matter how the mess came about, our interior cleaning in Santa Ana can get the job done.

Keeping the Mess under Control

It’s been said that “no one plans to fail, they just fail to plan.” Often, that line is used in the context of sports, war or one’s career, but it’s applicable to their interior cleaning of your car, too. A simple life hack that not a lot of people think of: have a little trash can in your car. It doesn’t have to be big at all. In fact, it doesn’t even have to look like a trash can. Many find a little bag or pouch that fits neatly in their car’s interior, both physically and aesthetically. Then, you have somewhere to put all those wrappers and more. Once you park, you can take them with you simply and easily, as opposed to having an excuse to put it off every time. Just this small, simple change can go a long way towards making your car look better on the inside.

car interior cleaning in santa ana

A Reasonable Air Freshener

Everyone knows what it’s like to ride in a car with a bad air freshener. It’s like someone with the worst perfume (or, perhaps more accurately, body odor) sat in the car, and then stayed there for like a week. It’s hard to find one that works. Today, we know that many air fresheners and “fresh breeze” items work best in moderation. Just having a small bit, just a tiny sprinkle can make your car smell that much better without causing anyone who gets into your car to immediately put their hand to their nose. As the weather turns nicer, driving with the windows down on sunny days (when possible) is a great way to make sure that your vehicle smells a little nicer, too.

MobileWash Interior Cleaning in Santa Ana

Of course, at MobileWash we have all kinds of ways of making the inside of your vehicle look exactly how you would like. For example, our Deluxe car wash package gets your carpets, floor mats and seats vacuumed. Here at MobileWash, our detailers have to carry an actual, working vacuum with them. This isn’t some kind of dustbuster or something, some tiny thing that essentially blows on the grime in your car. No, our detailers have real vacuums that can really pick up all of the little bits of debris in your car so that you don’t have to worry about them again.

On top of that, we also wipe down your dashboard, center console, and door panels completely and utterly. These parts pick up more grime than you might think. Every time you drive down the road, window down, your arm resting on the side of the car, your sweat tends to get into these door panels. Over time, that leads to grime and worse. That’s why it’s so important to have a professional wipe these down with actually powerful cleaning implements. With that, your vehicle can look good for longer, with no smells, dust or more.

Deluxe and Premium

As great as the interior services from the Deluxe treatment are, the ones from the Premium are even better. Premium has everything that Deluxe does and then some. With Premium, you’ll get all of the wipe downs that Deluxe has as well as the pillars and trim pieces, too. Then, light stain removal of the interior takes place, so that if there are any small, nagging stains, they’re gone for good. You can always get an add-on that will take care of the floor mats as well. Floor mats have to put up with a lot, namely: your feet. Think of everything you’ve stepped in before you stepped into your car, now think about how it’s had time to get ground down while you’re driving. That’s why our floor mat add-on is one of our most popular.

In Santa Ana and the surrounding greater Los Angeles area, living in our cars is practically a way of life. When you get interior cleaning down, it’s like cleaning a part of your home. Schedule MobileWash interior and exterior cleaning by downloading our app.