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Get the Best Car Wash in Pasadena at Home

MobileWash washer applying tire-dressing on the tires of a white Porsche.

With MobileWash, you can get the best car wash in Pasadena or anywhere else. When you want professional auto detailers, they can come to your location. That’s true whether you’re at home, work or anywhere else. MobileWash is many things: a mobile car wash app, a convenient way to keep your car looking great and more. However, MobileWash is not your Mom. We can’t always be there to help you keep your car organized. Below, we’ve put together some tips so that your car interior looks great between MobileWash car washes.

Best Car Wash in Pasadena Tips

The more time you spend in your car, the more likely you are to have wrappers, crumbs and all kinds of other trash sitting in your car. Here at MobileWash, some of our packages have great interior cleaning options. With the Deluxe and Premium, we can make the interior of your vehicle look basically as good as new. We also know that when you get one of these services, you want the interior of your vehicle to look as good as possible for as long as possible. That’s not always easy to do, but there are some steps you can take to organize and stay cleaner for longer.

the best car wash in pasadena

If You Don’t need it, Throw it Out

Many of the tips we have for decluttering your vehicle may sound like the kind of thing that everyone should know, but some of our tips are for drivers who may not have encountered them before. For example, many of us have wrappers, receipts, labels, crumbs and all manner of debris all over our vehicles. Studies have shown that driving with this stuff in your car can cause you to feel more stress and to be a bit more harried. However, in our modern life, we’re all so busy. It’s easy to feel like there just isn’t time to clean your car out.

A great rule of thumb that can help to motivate you to do this: “if something doesn’t belong in your car, get it out.” When you say it out loud, you can practically feel the truth of the statement. So, if you see an empty 99 cent bag of chips, receipts from a convenience store or something similar, just throw them out. Pick them up and dump them in the trash. That’s a great way to keep the cleanliness from a MobileWash interior cleaning last longer. Speaking of which…

Small Trash for your Vehicle

If you have trash all over your vehicle and it seems like you can’t always throw them away, then compromise: get a small trash bag or basket for your vehicle. In 2019, they aren’t bulky and odd looking anymore. In fact, many of them can match the décor of your vehicle and have lids so no one will need to know that this is where you’re storing the trash from your vehicle. You can wait till this piles up, and then throw it out. This is a great way to organize your vehicle and also keep it organized, too.

Multiple Storage Options

For many of us, one of the major reasons that we have clutter in our vehicles is that we have nowhere to put things. So, instead of setting them in a specific place where we can find them easily, we just put them down anywhere in the vehicle and go from there. Of course, over time, that adds up. Today, more people than ever before are organizing their vehicles by utilizing specific storage options.

For example, many parents use backseat organizers for their children. As the kids are going to be in the backseat more often, these can be filled with stuffed animals, writing utensils, a place to put their phone/tablet, that kind of thing. Of course, you don’t have to have a small child to get a lot of use out of backseat organizers. You can get them for adults, too. Then, they can include a place for water bottles, sunscreen, books, reading materials, and basically anything else that you may potentially want during a drive that probably shouldn’t be sloshing around on the floor of your car.

The best way, of course, to make sure that your vehicle looks great inside and out is to use MobileWash. We understand just how busy you are, and how much time you spend running from place to place. That’s part of why we made a convenient mobile car wash that can work around your life. Instead of having to drive to a car wash or to schedule one in the future, you can just click on “Wash Now” on our app. Then, we’ll have a car wash out to you pronto. See how it works for yourself and download our app today.