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Get a Car Wash & Detail at Home or Elsewhere

A white Tesla automobile in the middle of a MobileWash auto detailing and car cleaning service.

For most people growing up, when you wanted a car wash, you “went to a car wash.” This phrase could be used as an act and a location. A car wash was a place you traveled to, separate and different from where you are. Those days are gone. With MobileWash, you can now get a car wash & detail at home or anywhere else. That’s what MobileWash app can do: it brings the car wash to you so that you don’t have to travel to it. There are a whole host of benefits to such a service.

Car Wash & Detail at Work

It’s late afternoon and you’re hard at work. Your car hasn’t been washed in quite some time, because you’re basically always hard at work. The free time you have goes to your family, your friends, and just any bit of sleep that you can gather. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for a car wash; hence a car that looks like it’s been through a sand dune. With MobileWash, you can keep on working. We can bring the car wash to your work location and you can keep working hard. In fact, you can even watch us as we work so that you can get the service you want. A mobile car wash means that you don’t have to disrupt your day so that you can get even the toughest project done at work.

a car wash detail

Car Wash at Home

It’s been a long day. You were working all day, maybe you went for a run before work, and now all you want to do is go home and collapse. Then, you remember: you were supposed to get the car washed. Now, your spouse is going to be complaining, because family and friends are visiting this weekend, and you’re going to have to explain why your car looks like you’ve been living out of it for the last decade and a half. The solution, again, is MobileWash. We can come to your place and wash your car for you. You can watch us, you can come out and talk to the detailers as it happens, you can eat dinner, you can take a nap on your couch – your options with MobileWash are essentially limitless.

“Wash Now”

If you’ve ever moved into a new place, you may have had to get cable installed for your place. If you’re like so many people who went through this process, you may have called the cable provider, and been told that “the cable person will be there between 9 AM and 10 PM.” That may be an exaggeration, but typically these windows were that big. So, if you wanted cable in your home (and you definitely did) you had to throw out your entire schedule just so you could be there to let this person in. Too many so-called “fast mobile car wash apps” work on the same logic.

If you go with an app that isn’t MobileWash, you may encounter scheduling that’s very similar to the aforementioned cable person. While they may promise a “fast car wash,” what they’re really offering is a car wash that will happen in the future. Sure, you can schedule a time for a car wash to happen, but that doesn’t take into account how much your schedule can change. If something comes up (and that happens practically every day) then you have to change it.

MobileWash Convenience

With MobileWash, however, you can have the car wash come to you when you want it to come to you. With our “Wash Now” option, we’ll put out a call to all of the pro auto detailers in your area. Then, one will come to your location as fast as possible. This is perfect for many different scenarios, but one of the most common is when you find that you have a bit of free time that just came out of nowhere. When that happens, you can actually enjoy that free time.

So, instead of having to take a precious hour out of your day to wash your car, you can spend it relaxing. Read a book. Catch up with a friend. Make a phone call you’d been putting off. Moreover, you can do all of this while your car is treated by real pros. The “Wash Now” option is really the “Do Whatever You Want Now” option. No more wasted time headed to the car wash and waiting in line. To see how MobileWash works for yourself, just download our app for Android and Iphone and try it out for yourself. You can get back some of your free time while also getting a car that’s so much cleaner.