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When we say we offer “MobileWash in Southern California,” most people just assume that we mean “Los Angeles.” However, you can get MobileWash in far more areas than just LA County. In fact, we’re proud to offer MobileWash in San Diego as well as the surrounding areas. We’re bringing MobileWash to more and more areas, so that anyone who wants a truly convenient car wash can get one. In this blog, we’ll cover some reasons that you may want a car wash in San Diego, as well as how MobileWash can help.

Our MobileWash in San Diego

The simplest and best reason to get a car wash is because it makes your car look great. The exterior of a car that’s gotten a car wash from one of our professional detailers looks exactly like a car that’s brand new. You’ve invested a lot in your car and consistent car washes can protect that investment. Grime, dirt and other problems can add up over time. Not only do they look bad on your vehicle, they can actually cause problems over time. They can eat into the underbody, body, and even vehicle components. Your vehicle will look newer for longer when you get it washed regularly.

A Car Wash You can Plan for

There’s a lot to see and do in San Diego. It’s one of the biggest cities in California. Year round sun and fun are just the beginning of the activities. Beyond that, if you live here, then you also have to juggle work, family, friends and more. That’s a lot to do, and it’s not always easy to fit “car wash” into that. So, instead of trying to fit your life around a car wash, pick a car wash that fits around your life. That’s what MobileWash can be. You schedule a MobileWash, and the car wash comes to you.

mobilewash in san diego

How MobileWash Works

We saw how other mobile car washes worked, and we wanted to build ours to be the absolute best of them: all of the advantages, none of the weaknesses. Convenience always had to be paramount, we realized. So, to schedule a MobileWash, all you have to do is download our app, open it, and pick a car washer near you. That’s it. There’s no calling ahead to make an appointment. There’s certainly no “driving far away to a car wash and then staying in line.” With MobileWash, you can avoid all that. We built a car wash app that makes the entire car wash experience better for the customer.

A Better Car Wash

Beyond all of that, MobileWash offers a better car wash. After all, when you drive to a traditional car wash, the washers have so many different cars. They have to keep them moving very quickly, or else they don’t make as much money. While they’re washing and drying your car, the person after you is watching them, impatiently waiting for them to finish. They may not have the time or inclination to give your vehicle the car wash it deserves. That doesn’t happen with MobileWash.

Our professional detailers come to your location to wash your vehicle. That’s it. When they’re washing and drying your vehicle, they aren’t worried about the ten other cars in line. They don’t have their eye on the clock so they can wrap the job up quickly – they’re focused entirely upon your vehicle. This way, you and your car get the individualized attention that they deserve. This “one on one” nature of our MobileWash ensures that our customers get a more complete, customized car wash than if they were to go elsewhere.

Of course, when we say “one on one” we don’t mean that they only have to wash one car. Far from it. In fact, you can get up to five vehicles washed at one time with MobileWash. Like everything else, it’s easy to make this plan through the app. So, this enables you to get a lot of cars washes quickly. Maybe you and some friends are planning a long road trip, but in all that planning, the group of you didn’t have much time to get a car wash. So, MobileWash makes it easy. You can all meet in one place, and a car washer of ours will make sure that the vehicles look great in short order.

Car washes should be simple. They shouldn’t be something that you’re worried about, or that you have to plan around. With MobileWash, we offer our customers a better way to get their car washed. You don’t have to live with dust and grime on your car “till the weekend.” You can get your car washed 365 days a year when you download our car wash app here.