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Find a Car Wash near Los Angeles Anytime

MobileWash washer gives a hand wash to the front of a silver Honda Accord for a car cleaning.

There are so many different apps available now for a car wash. Most of them are some variation of the word “wash.” Some add letters to the end (“Washe,” “Washos,” etc) but all of them promise the same thing: a car wash that comes to you. You’re supposed to get a car wash that will travel to you instead of you having to travel to it. While a mobile car wash is becoming a more and more common thing, only MobileWash offers a car wash near Los Angeles at any time.

Car Wash near Los Angeles when you want it

We always recommend that you download the MobileWash app. If you do, you’ll have some easy, simple questions to go through before you’re ready to get washed, nothing major, difficult or time-consuming. When you do go through all that, you’ll be presented with two options: “wash now” and “wash later.” This is where MobileWash separates itself from other kinds of car wash apps. There’s nothing on the market right now like “Wash Now.”

a car wash near los angeles

The Power of “Wash Now”

Our “Wash Now” option is a true, genuine “wash now.” That means that you don’t have to wait for a car wash. You can have a car wash right now. Obviously, that doesn’t mean that a car wash is going to be downloaded through your phone or something – but our car washers come so quickly, it may seem like they did. You can have a car wash when you want it. This takes the convenience of a mobile car wash to a whole other level.

Other Apps Can’t Compare

The best the other apps can do is some version of “wash later.” See, they tend to work by offering a car wash that’s mobile and comes to you, but it won’t come right this moment. You pick a time, a window within which to have your car washed. That’s not the level of convenience that you might expect from a car wash app. After all, for many of us, car wash apps are supposed to be the car wash version of Uber or Lyft: services that come quickly, when you call them. Scheduling a car wash for a future time is the opposite of convenient. It means that you have to wait. If you’re going to have to wait a significant period of time, is a mobile car wash all that different from a standard car wash? MobileWash is the only real “wash now.”

Enjoy your Day with a Car Wash

When you can schedule your car wash when you want, you can plan your entire day around it. For example, maybe you have an event tonight where you really want to have a clean car for. A hot date, a night out with the family, showing your parents around your new town – anything. Now, you can have a car wash that will make sure your car looks exactly how you want it to look when you want it to look that way.

If you’ve ever tried to get a car wash in Los Angeles before, then you know how it’s something you basically have to plan your entire day around. You have to wade through traffic to get to the car wash, then sit through a line if there’s one. After that, you can watch your car go through the car wash and dry. During all that time, you’re… standing there. Not working, not relaxing, not hanging out with friends or family – you’re standing in a car wash, watching your car get washed. Just typing that is boring.

MobileWash makes it so that you don’t have to do any of that. Instead, you can get done what has to get done while your car is being washed. You can keep working. You can spend quality time with your family. You can watch the big game with your friends. You could even work out. MobileWash’s “Wash Now” button is actually more like a “Freedom Now” button. That button gives you the freedom to enjoy your day however you want.

Of course, when you use our “Wash Now” service, you get all of the features and functions that we’re so proud of here at MobileWash. You can get each of our washes under the “Wash Now” function. So, if you just want the exterior done fast, that can happen. However, if you want the entire Premium service done, inside and out, comprehensive and thorough, we can do that, too. When you press the “Wash Now” option, we find the closest professional car detailers in your area and let them know what you’re looking for. The future of car wash convenience is here. All you have to do to get a great car wash right now is download our app on Android and IPhone.