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Cleaning Your Car’s Interior

We don’t just focus on the exterior of your car at Mobile Wash. We make sure to really get in there and make sure that the inside of your car sparkles just like the outside. There’s a variety of ways to take care of the inside of your car and many convenient products to facilitate the process.

For those who ended up springing for it, we’ll start with leather upholstery and accents. Some cars have only leather seating surfaces, and leather is specifically vulnerable to weathering and retrograding. Use special conditioners and cleaners that are specifically designed for leather. You can find them at any automotive store. Some of the more recognizable brand names have leather wipes that you can keep inside your car in case you need a quick touch up. Your steering wheel needs a similar amount of care. If you have a leather wrapped steering wheel. In both cases, spray cleaner directly on the leather, or spray it into your cleaning rag and polish from there, it doesn’t matter. Tighter crevices and nooks and crannies can be cleaned with a Q-tip. You can really get into the grain with a household toothbrush, if you have one spare. Save a few bucks by keeping holy socks and old tighty whities. Use those. Of course please make sure to wash them first…

Make sure to not only vacuum, but to also spot treat the carpets and the floor mats of your vehicle. Make sure you use a water based stain lifter. Soak stains for awhile before you start scrubbing, the worse the stain, the longer you should let it soak. Wipe up the residue with a clean cloth, and make sure to vacuum again once the cleaner becomes dry. You’ll be amazed by the difference.

Cleaning cloth upholstery is a lot like cleaning the carpets of your car. Use a stain lifter, soak all stains after vacuuming generously. Wipe with your cleaning sponge and use a clean cloth (again) to wipe up the reside. Make sure you give it plenty of time to dry. When all is said and done, vacuum your upholstery one last time.

Use regular old glass cleaner for your windows, whatever brand you prefer. It’s important to really stay on top of your windshield for the sake of visibility.

Make sure that you pull seats forward while vacuuming. You’ll be surprised how much debris gets stuck into those hard to reach places, so really try to get in there. Of course, if you’re too busy to devote the time to cleaning your car, inside or out, Mobile Wash is here. Call and book your wash today or visit our website for convenient online scheduling.