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Celebrity Cars You Can Afford

Everyone always likes to say that celebrities are just like us. This may be truer than you realize when you look at the cars that many Hollywood A-listers are driving on a daily basis. Many of them are affordable, allowing you to own one just like your favorite celebrity.

Jennifer Aniston‘s Toyota Prius

Jennifer Aniston owns a Toyota Prius and is proud to do her part for the environment. A number of other celebrities have chosen to show their Green roots with a Prius as well, including Natalie Portman and Jessica Alba.

The estimated manufacturer’s retail price of a Toyota Prius is $23,475

Adele’s Mini Cooper

Adele loves driving around in the four-door Mini Cooper whenever she is in London. The 29-year old Grammy winner chose the four-door model to ensure she has room for car seats as well as her child.

The estimated manufacturer’s retail price of a Mini Cooper is $21,600.

Ben Affleck’s Dodge Challenger

The actor who has played both Daredevil and Batman is content with a sporty Dodge Challenger. The Hellcat model has more horsepower, making it one of the fastest sports cars currently on the market.

He’s not the only celebrity to choose the Dodge Challenger, either. Adam Sandler also chooses to drive the Hellcat.

The estimated manufacturer’s retail price of a Dodge Challenger is $27,295.

Selma Blair’s Audi Q5

Selma Blair, the actress who made her mark in Hollywood with Cruel Intentions, chooses to drive a luxury, compact SUV. The Audi Q5 went through a redesign for 2015 and has a lot of great features, including a turbocharged engine.

The estimated manufacturer’s retail price of an Audi Q5 is $41,500.

John Goodman’s Ford F-150

John Goodman is an actor best known for his role as the dad on Roseanne. However, he has been in a fury of Blockbuster hits over the years. He’s content driving a Ford F-150. It’s not even a new one. The one he loves to drive around town is actually a 1997 model year.

The Ford F-150 has been a top-selling pick-up truck for years, so it should come as no surprise that he loves it.

The estimated manufacturer’s retail price of a Ford F-150 is $25,000

Plenty of celebrities choose to drive cars that are priced under $50,000. Although they have the money to afford more, they like what they like.