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Unfortunately, not all carwashes are ecologically friendly. Leaving aside water use, which can be very wasteful, many carwash facilities use various soaps and chemical washes that often can contain dangerous pollutants or harmful chemicals, such as hydrofluoric acid. These pollutants not only can have a severely negative impact on plant life and the water system, but they can also potentially hurt wildlife.


Even when you’re washing your car on your own driveway, the soap you use may contain chemicals that can combine with harmful substances in your blacktop. Once the waste water washes off into the storm drains, those substances will enter streams, rivers and even the ocean, damaging the water tables and potentially causing irreparable harm to the environment.


At Mobile Wash, we recognize the potential impact of a single car wash on the environment and we realize how critical it is that we all do our part for the planet. That’s why we use the most eco-friendly soaps and cleaning products available. We only use environmentally friendly products, which have a much lower impact on the environment and on the water system, and our commitment to using the right amount of water for each wash ensures that your car wash has the least negative effect on the planet possible.


We understand how important the environment is to everyone on the planet, and how it is everyone’s responsibility to pitch in and preserve our environment. You can rest assured that here at Mobile Wash we do everything in our power to take care of our community and to safeguard the health of our environment.


The cleanliness of your car doesn’t have to come at the cost of the environment. Wash your car with Mobile Wash, and let us take care of your car while we care for the planet.


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