Mobile Car Wash Beverly Hills

Appearances matter. A good first impression depends on looking put-together and friendly. Even if you look your best, the entire effect can be ruined if your car is not in similar condition.  Washing and detailing your car regularly keeps it looking beautiful and helps preserve its value. This process can be time-consuming and expensive, especially if you take on the task yourself.   It takes more than a hose and a sponge to do a proper job. Once you have gathered the necessary supplies, you will need to dedicate a portion of your hard-earned free time to the job.   It can take nearly 150 gallons of water to clean your car yourself.


A professional wash seems a convenient alternative. Taking your car to be washed and detailed by hand can still take a large amount of your time, as you are left waiting until the job is done.   Taking it to a machine wash may be faster, but you run a risk of the machinery damaging your vehicle and leaving residue and water spots on your finish.  With MobileWash, you get all of the advantages of a professional wash with none of the downsides. We bring the wash to you, when you want it and where you want it.   It’s a fast and easy way to get the washing and detailing your car needs at an affordable price.


Log into the MobileWash app and tell us which vehicle needs washing, where it is, and choose between our Deluxe and Premium packages.   A nearby washer will be dispatched immediately, arriving in 30 minutes or less. The app pings you when your washer arrives, so you can go about your business until they get to you.  MobileWash vans are equipped with 100-gallon water tanks, pressure washers, and high-quality biodegradable soaps.  We even offer a waterless wash, removing dirt and grime with minimum impact on the water supply.   No matter which option you choose, a full washing and detailing will take no more than 45 minutes.


We use a unique pricing model that takes into account the make, model, and year of your vehicle.   Our prices are better than those at a traditional wash, saving you money as well as time. You can save even more by booking washes for more than one car, earning you bundled pricing.   Our Loyalty Program gives repeat customers $5 off for every five washes.  You take time to make sure you look smart and savvy.  MobileWash gives that same attention to your car without breaking the bank or consuming your time.  Get started today. Download the app and book your first washing now!




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