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Best Car Detailing Products to Use On Your Car

Auto shops and vehicle service centers will recommend that you take the time to clean and detail your car at least one day every week. Some service locations recommend a more frequent vehicle cleaning schedule. The amount of detailing a vehicle will need depends on where you live, and how you drive on a given day. People that live in areas close to a large body of water or forest can expect more dirt and other foreign substances to gather and cover up parts of their vehicle. The proper car detailing supplies will keep your vehicle protected from the elements. Car detailing formulas will rid the surfaces of dirt and other debris, and keep the vehicle from losing its value. Here are some of best car detailing products to try:

1) Green Clean Shampoo

This is a great brand of shampoo because it gets the job done, and is good for the environment. The formula packed into Green Clean Automotive Car Shampoo is made from plant-based surfactants and vegetable glycerin. With this product, your car will look shiny, again.

2) Aero Cosmetics Waterless Car Wash

Some people like to be cautious about the amount of water they use. Some states have experienced living with a dangerously low amount of water due to harsh summer climates and therefore, had to set up water usage limits. This car wash product is great for those people that want a clean vehicle, and want to protect the planet we live on. With this formula, you do not have to stand next to your car and let the hose spew out excess water.

3) Turtle Wax Bug and Tar Remover

Do you ever have that one spot of tar or bug residue that doesn’t seem to come off when sprayed with a hose? This brand of car detailing products was made to get rid of the spots that are hard to remove with just a hose or basic cleaning product. This product uses a strong power foam cleaner to remove those pesky insects from the front grille.

4) CarGuys Car Cleaner

The creators of this fine auto detailing product have spent many months studying the formula on a molecular level to ensure that it leaves vehicles spotless. This product can clean any surface both interior, and exterior. Use CarGuys products to clean dirt and liquids off of leather, vinyl, plastic, and rubber.

5) Mothers California Gold Wax Solution

After giving your vehicle a nice wash and touching up the small scratches on the exterior, it is time to put some of this product on your car or truck. This wax solution will provide an extra layer of protection for your vehicle. If you missed a spot when cleaning the car, don’t worry, this wax formula will get rid of the last few dirty spots.