Best Apps For Millenials In Los Angeles

A 2007 iPhone commercial stated, “There’s an app for just about everything.” Smartphones have boomed in the last five years because they make life easier. However, smartphones are not directly responsible for making life easier. The smartphone apps are directly responsible for making life easier. Millennials are the most recent generation of young people. They can be described as tech-savvy and effective multi-taskers. They enjoy being digitally connected to others and seek instant gratification. Apps meet all of those characteristics. Los Angeles is a sprawling city that has diverse, unique culture. Using the right apps can make life in Los Angeles even more exciting for millennials.

Five Awesome Apps for Los Angeles’ Young People

My LA311

Millennials have a hunger for justice and peace, and they often want it done quicker than it can be carried out. My LA311 allows its users to report various issues around the city (e.g. a homeless person with nowhere to go, graffiti, potholes, etc.). The user reports the issues, receives a ticket number and is notified when the issue is resolved. The app also allows its user to pay their DWP bill.

The Infatuation

Food is the staple of many cultures, and LA is no exception. The Infatuation links its users up to the all of the dining in town. Users can view reviews, photos, and menus of restaurants and food. Users cannot go wrong with the taste of a restaurant that is provided to them through The Infatuation App.

Our Malibu Beaches

California being a coastal state means that going to the beach is a must. However, choosing a beach and knowing where the facilities are at the beach is not easy. Many wealthy beach house owners fake “Do Not Enter Signs” to keep people away from their property. The Our Malibu Beaches App Makes life easier by listing 43 beaches in California that are accessible to regular people, zones that are genuinely off-limits to casual beachgoers, and bathrooms at the beaches. The Our Malibu Beaches App makes going to the beach a breeze.


Many people are thrilled to arrive at a destination only to spend a significant amount of time trying to find parking. The ParkMe App provides information where parking spots are located, the price of parking spots, how late you can be parked there, the payment methods that parking area accepts, and allows users to pay for parking spots in advance. ParkMe allows the user to simply get to their destination and savor every minute, without wasting valuable time searching for parking.

Roaming Hunger

Hunger often calls for a quick fix. Sitting down at a sit-down restaurant and having to leave a tip is often not feasible Food trucks are a solution for hunger that calls for a quick fix. They provide cheap, delicious, and fast food. The Roaming Hunger App helps users find the nearest food truck to whet a quick hunger and provides them with various food trucks’ schedules, menus, and customers’ reviews.