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A Hand Car Wash for Fun and Profit

MobileWash washer doing a hand wash on a black sports car with gold rims for a mobile auto detailing from MobileWash.


At MobileWash, we bring you the best mobile car wash. To do so, that means that we offer more than just a hand car wash. After all, there’s far more to a car wash than simply the car wash itself. To make sure that our product is the best, we put a lot of work into facets of it that have nothing to do with the actual act of washing your car. That being said, we do everything we can to achieve one goal: making sure that you get the best car wash, period.

Hand Car Wash Professionals

Before auto detailers have the right to put the MobileWash decal on the side of their vehicle, they have to go through quite a bit. At MobileWash, we have a stringent background check. They have to pass with flying colors first. Then, we make sure that they have everything they need to give you the best car wash. That means that we check to make certain that they have all of the correct materials and more before they ever get a chance to wash your car. That way, we can ensure that you’re getting a top-notch car wash experience.

a hand car wash


See, other mobile car wash apps don’t go through this kind of vetting. They’ll put ads online and take basically anyone who fills out a sheet online. There’s no real vetting done at all. That means that these auto detailers don’t have any one set of parameters or tools, they’re just sent out with whatever they have. If you’re lucky, they’ll have everything they need to give you the car wash you paid for. If you aren’t lucky, then they’ll have some water, a bucket, and a rag. We’ve even heard stories of mobile car washers who ask the customer for a water source, as they don’t even have their own. With MobileWash, you’re assured of getting a high-quality car wash.


Quality Assurance Team

We don’t just perform a background check on our auto detailers, look over their materials and then never perform any further oversight. Instead, we have QA teams that make sure our auto detailers are doing the job right. How? Through random checks. Every now and then (we don’t say how often or where they will be) we send out QA team out to observe some of our auto detailers at work. Then, they evaluate them. That way, we can keep track of who’s doing the job right. This extra oversight is one more way that we can ensure you’re getting the kind of car wash that you deserve.


Customer Service

We believe that when you a company’s customer service line, you should get actual customer service professionals. That means that you do not get someone at a call center on the other side of the world, nor does it mean that you get an automated voice that instructs you to press a series of buttons until your hand cramps up. No, we believe that if you call a customer service line, you should get real people who can solve your real problems really quickly.

So, when you call the MobileWash customer service line, you’ll get one of our pros. They aren’t just people that we found in a cattle call; they’re trained experts who know how to answer your question. They can guide you through whatever your concern is. That way, instead of having to deal with computers, you can deal with a real person.



Updated Dynamic Pricing

If you’re like us, you probably drove your station wagon, sedan, Prius or other kinds of car to a car wash once. Maybe, while you were watching it go through the car wash behind an enormous truck or SUV, you thought: “why am I paying the same amount for a car wash as this person?” We used to wonder that all of the time. Now, at MobileWash, we offer dynamic pricing that goes by the vehicle. Some vehicles, typically smaller ones, will pay less for a car wash than larger ones. This ensures that everyone gets the car wash price they deserve. Our database of unique prices is vast and comprehensive. Moreover, as more and more vehicles come out, we add them to our database.

One of the best ways we’ve found to make sure that our customers get a great car wash is to pay our auto detailers right. We offer our auto detailers more money than other mobile car wash app services. That means that we get higher quality auto detailers, yes, but it also means that you’re getting a better car wash, too. Instead of having to settle for the amateurs, you get the true professionals. To see all that MobileWash can do for you and your vehicle, download our app for Android and Apple devices.