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5 Tips for Car Care in Extreme Weather

Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, CA

It’s officially summer! Southern California has already seen some record-breaking heat this year, and it’s going to continue for the next few months. Heat and sun can be harsh on your car. You can keep it looking great inside and out by scheduling appointments with Mobile Wash detailers, but keeping care of your vehicle in summer takes more than a spotless finish. Here are a few things you can do to help keep your car in great shape during the hotter months:

Check your Tires

Since heat causes air to expand, it makes sense that sitting in the hot sun can cause the air pressure in your tires to change. In some cases, the pressure can increase by as much as 20%. Make sure the treads aren’t worn down to keep heat from building up and damaging them as you travel. The rate of flat tires goes up so much between mid-May and October that it is sometimes known as “flat tire season.”

Check your Battery

Older batteries can drain more quickly in high temperatures as the fluid inside evaporates. If your car battery is more than three years old, be sure to get it checked. Modern cars may be less prone to radiators dying in the heat, but that doesn’t mean they are impervious to start-up issues of their own.

Protect the Interior

Exposure to bright light and heat can cause fading, cracking, and other damage to your car’s upholstery, steering wheel, and dashboard. A windshield sunshade can not only protect the interior of your car from light damage, but also keep the temperature down for when you return, making your drive more comfortable. Invest in products designed to protect leather and vinyl to add more protection. When possible, park your car in the shade.

Top Off Fluids

As with the car battery, the heat can cause evaporation of the fluids under the hood. Make sure everything is at its optimal level to keep your car running smoothly. Motor oil does more than lubricate the moving parts of the engine; it also helps to keep the temperature of the engine and provides protection over a wide range of temperatures. Older oil may not protect your engine as well as newer, so if you have not changed the oil recently, now may be the time.

Take Care of the AC

The air conditioning unit can take a toll on fuel economy when driving on surface streets, but keeping the windows up on the freeway improves aerodynamics. Even more importantly, a functioning air conditioner keeps the driver and passengers comfortable, helping to stave off the dangers heat exhaustion and driver fatigue. Take the time to check the filters and make sure there are no leaks in the system.